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know the touch

There are certain sophisticated etiquette that moms must have to inculcate in the kids. Among few of the many habits it is very important for the mother to teach their kids about the good and the bad touch. As they grow up you have to assure them about certain feeling of the good and bad touch. The following are few important messages that a mom must have to take into consideration while grooming their kids:

  • Kids Have Ownership Of Their Body:
    You have to make them understand that it is their own body and they have right to maintain the distance from other trying to hug them or kiss them. If they do not like hugging or kissing they have right to stay out of it and they have right to say ‘no’ if they do not like it.
  • Ask them to Use Good Language:
    It is obvious that they must be encountering many kids from different backgrounds but at the same time you have to ensure that they have to stay out of foul languages. It is very important for the parents to let the kids know the appropriate names of the private body parts. This is for any future accidents taking place with the kids that they can always share their thoughts and anything important related to it.
  • Make The Habit Of Conversation:
    Try and converse with your kids daily. Ask them questions and also answer their questions in a rational way. Always as a parent make yourself available. Talk light and easy conversation about potty and bathing with your kids.
  • Explain The Kids About Safe Touch:
    There are possibility that the children are being pulled by strangers and other relatives to whom they repel. Assure that they know what a safe touch is. And ask them to shout against the bad touch.
  • Teach Them To Say “NO” When Required:
    As a parents you have to always encourage your kids to say ‘NO’. You have to tell them if people trying to touch their private parts they have to say no to it. On the other hand if they are not comfortable with certain touch they have right to deny and stay out of it.
  • Make Them Read About The Good & Bad Touch:
    You have to make your kids learn about the human body, skeleton and different body parts. It is always great to impart the factual information to your kids. Always teach them to stay alert.
  • You Must Not Force Affection To Your Kids:
    There might possibility that your kids take time to cope up with new people. On the other hand do not make it compulsion for your kids to hug and greet the people coming at your place. On the other hand let them take their decision. Do not force affection on your kids.
  • Make Kids Intuitive:
    Ask them to believe to their intuitions. The moment they feel that they are uncomfortable ask them to believe themselves and trust their inner self. This would help in developing a strong intuition as they grow. As an trusted adult you have to teach your child to trust their feelings.

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