Ladies, Stay Safe, Get The Most Out Of Your Trip!


Hear the call of this new millennium. Two X chromosomes are the new identity for success, as women are ruling the roost and slowly storming bastions once considered exclusively the dominion of men. A woman almost won the US Presidential elections last time, the CEO of the world’s second largest search engine is a woman, countries like Israel have all women regiments and women feature in the top five highest paid actor lists in Hollywood.
In this age, when women are going from strength to strength, conquering ever higher peaks, discriminatory societal sensibilities certainly must not create a hurdle for their progress. Unfortunately, all fingers of a hand are not the same length, and some sections still indulge in the arcane practice of venting out their insecurities on women. We dream of a day when all women will be accorded the respect they should; till then we will do our bit to equip you adequately for the rigors of life.
Bullet-proof your journey, stay prepared
Do not let the fact that you may be considered a soft target for committing a crime come in the way of your happiness. Stay prepared with the right gear. A backpack with the essentials to make your journey comfortable is the first step towards ensuring your trip goes incident free.
Ditch the tote or the clutch when travelling in a sensitive area; you don’t know what you may need when. As Louis Pasteur said – “Fortune favors the prepared mind”. Go military chic; invest in a sturdy backpack that can hold some rations, a pair of water bottles a torch, a few tools for opening nuts and bolts, a survival guide, sanitary napkins, and a couple of sprays, one for sanitization and one pepper spray.
Safetykart offers a range of durable and high capacity backpacks from Wildcraft, which will hold all, yet not give up on the seams or on the promise of offering comfort in any weather.


Keep infections at bay
The last thing you would want to come in the midst of your reverie would be a sneaky UTI hijacking your travel plans. The dreaded infection is most certainly around the corner, especially when you don’t have access to a clean restroom. Worry not. Just keep a can of Peesafe handy, spray it all over the toilet seat, wipe off and you are secured. In just five seconds. Get huge discounts on multi packs and combos; check out our website for more details.
Having the chums? We wish we could rid you of all discomfort associated with your periods, but we do have a top of the line range of sanitary napkins from a range of leading brands, Domknippy biodegradable disposable bags and antiseptic multi use wipes from Dettol, all to ensure that you stay clean and sterilized.
Show them you are NOT to be messed with!
It is time every man on the planet realized that a no means a no, and nothing else. For those who still don’t, we have a line of very potent self defence products to guarantee your safety. Designed for rapid response, these handy tools will make all the difference when you need them the most.
Meet the Ninja Kabuton. No, its not a variant of the fabled Katana; it is a humble wooden stick that causes intense pain when you jab it at any body part of an assailant, owing to its design. It has a handy wooden keychain at the other end, so your weapon stays with your keys all the time. So all you need to make an assailant back down is a quick thrust to the nearest body part. Even better if you use it on the face. Snicker snicker!
We also have a range of formidable pepper sprays from Bodyguard, Sayfty and Knockout Punch. The ol’ capsaicin eye bath has its own reward, and gives you a good half an hour to flee, as the assailant flaps helplessly on the ground.
So go ahead, gift yourself the freedom to travel without a crease on your brow this New Year.

Bon Voyage!