Lenses? What To Do with What


Lenses, it's confusing when it comes to using them properly. We tend to use the wrong lenses at the wrong place and then blame the camera for substandard pictures. Every place, occasion and situation has a specific lens made for it. There is a different lens you should carry with you on your trip to Amsterdam and an entirely different one you should use for a photo shoot. Having a number of lenses and not knowing when to use which one is the biggest dilemma. After a lot of thinking you'll probably end up choosing your favorite lens and then struggle with the type of pictures you want to capture.

Here are some types of lenses that are used for different situations-

18-55mm– This type of lens has a varied range of uses. From covering an event to clicking pictures while you are on a vacation. You can also click portraits with this lens. It can be carried along conveniently. A special thing about this lens is that it can act as a macro lens too. All you need to do is reverse the lens and then set the focus. That’s it! Your macro lens is ready in no time.

Tele photo lens- These lenses are of many types. 70-200mm, 50-250mm and 70-300mm are just a few examples. These too can be used during events but are primarily used for wildlife photography. They are used extensively by wildlife photographers who visit places like Antarctica, National Parks or the Amazon. These lenses are of great use as they allow the photographer to capture great shots of wild animals from a safe distance. Also, if your favorite band is performing tonight then there can be no better lens to capture their pictures with than this one

Prime lens- Prime lenses are the favorites of many photographers. Not only can you capture pictures of historical monuments or architectural beauties but you can possibly do anything with them. These are one of the best lenses to shoot videos and they even take a panoramic picture. These lenses are of a fixed focal length and come in many designs. For a panorama or a wide angle, there are fisheye prime lenses that allow you to take 180 degree pictures. How cool!

Macro lens- These lenses are extraordinary when it comes to pictures and picture quality.  These even help you capture the minutest details of the smallest possible insects. So if you spot a beautiful butterfly or a spider that you haven’t seen before, you know which lens to grab. Macro photographs are widely appreciated for their patience while clicking each and every picture as a lot of hard work that goes into capturing them. These pictures are extremely beautiful and also very rare. Tell me, how often do you see the picture of an eye of a spider or the hive of a bee?

Now after buying such variety of lenses and learning how to use them as per your requirement, there is one more important thing that has to be taken care of. You need to know how to take care of them properly. Lenses need to be handled with care and precaution. You can’t just wipe the lens with your t-shirt or clean it with water. Nor can you keep them exposed to sunlight or dusty air.

Here are some ways to keep your lenses as good as new.

  • First and foremost, use the lens caps that come with the lens. Cover your lens with the cap when not in use. This protects the lens and prevents scratches.
  • Clean your lens every alternate day for better picture quality and a longer life. It’s nearly impossible to click a satisfying picture with a dirty lens. Use a soft cotton cloth to clean it with and also keep a lens cleaning kit handy.lensesImage source:http://www.protect-wise.com/
  • Always keep it in the cover that you buy for the camera. It is meant to accommodate everything.
  • Cover the front of the lens with a UV filter. Most of us think that it’s just a piece of glass that covers the camera but trust me, if you want your lens to have a longer life, then this is something you must have. It not only protects your lens from dust, smudges and fingerprints but also protects it in case the camera accidentally hits a hard surface (like a table or wall).
  • For carrying the camera to places of adventure or leisure, the best thing one can use is a pelican case. It is like a bullet proof vest for the camera. Being waterproof, soft and cushiony form the inside and very hard to break, it will save your camera even if it falls from the 6th floor of your building. It is lightweight and extremely convenient to carry. It is just like a suitcase except that it is very strong but it is even more appealing and attractive to carry. It comes in various sizes and colors to fit in all your camera equipment’s.

Enjoy a better experience of photography the next time you go on a vacation, expedition or just to the garden near your house. Keep these tips in mind and enjoy your photography experience.

Feature Image Source : https://www.tumblr.com