Let’s Play: It’s Game Time

Quiz Contest

Do you remember the last time you participated in a Quiz Contest? What had been your experience? Be it in academic institutions, organisations, TV shows or online websites, Quiz contests always enhance your knowledge and information on specific subjects.

Also, it is believed that playing Quiz helps boost your IQ level and acts as a good brain game. Quizzes are essential for all age groups to let know more and measure your intelligence, knowledge and brain functionality. Therefore, winning or losing barely matters since it leaves a great impact on your mind in a positive way.

quiz contest

What is #QuizBizonSafety?

SafetyKart.com/quiz is an online service operated and managed by SafetyKart Retail Pvt Ltd. SafetyKart.com is conducting Quiz Contest to create awareness, information and knowledge on safety. It has 9 major categories that deal with different types of safety. These categories include women safety, cyber safety, home and fire safety, child safety, road safety, playground safety, lab safety, food safety and swimming safety. These different categories help you know more about a specific topic, gain information and create awareness.

We often overlook safety in our general lifestyle until it becomes mandatory to protect and save ourselves. Safety is a vital subject that needs to be dealt on a prior basis. Hence, this Quiz would help create an impact on our minds on general awareness on safety.

On this Quiz Contest, you are welcome to participate on any of the categories which will definitely give you a broader arena to enhance your information and knowledge on safety. You can easily participate in this contest and play the quiz with easy and simple questions that are meant for all age groups. It is fun to play the Quiz with 10 different questions within a time period of 10 minutes. Every participant will win SafetyKart Discount Vouchers which could be availed on purchase of products from safetykart.com 

For every win with score from 8 to 10 would be marked as Grade A with discount voucher of 10%, 5 to 7 as Grade B with discount voucher of 5% and 1 to 4 as Grade C with discount voucher of 3%. The minimum order value for coupon redemption is purchase on 750 rupees and above and can be availed only for a week after you receive its email. Other Terms and Conditions are valid as per the website rules.

You get to know more on safety and care. It will take a few minutes of your time so give it a swirl! You can also share your Quiz on social media so that others would get to know about it and enjoy playing it.