Love Making – Enjoying It With Care!


Birth Control…. Which precautionary measures are you following? Well, every time you have an all girls talk or an all stag’s party, SEX becomes a major topic of discussion. Some talk about it for fun, while there are a few who talk about it with all their heart, soul and mind, discussing majorly about the best pregnancy preventing measures and also ditching STD’s.

Whether you choose birth control pills or condoms, it is important that you enjoy your love making without the slightest fear of an unexpected pregnancy or the fear of conceiving a Sexually Transmitted Disease. Some will ask you to go on a pill, while others may simply ask you to use a condom for better protection. After all, love making is all about losing yourself to your partner and enjoying every bit of it without any fear. But, sex always comes along with a few risks that one has to take care off. And women, as compared to men are always at a higher risk of conceiving an infection which can cause severe conditions, if not treated at the right time. So, how do you enjoy love making with care? Here are some answers based on researches that might help you find the best solution for you.

The Research

Based on a research performed on women aged between 15 and 24 in California, a lot of women initially showed interests in starting with the newly described forms of contraceptives. However, a few had problems with using a condom. Many others who were on a Birth Control pill chose condoms for double protection. The idea was good, but after a few months some stopped using a condom and almost after an year, most women stopped using both, condom and the birth control pill. However, they were still worried about their chances of getting pregnant or conceiving an STD.

– 1 in every 30 women contract an STI such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, etc.

– 1 in 20 women have a risk of getting pregnant while having sex during their menstrual cycle.

The Options

In order to keep safe and enjoy your sexual activities, it is important that you consider any one of these contraceptive options. They are best when followed religiously without mistakes.

Consider Condoms

Believe it or not, but condoms are the best way to avoid pregnancy and also stay away from STI’s. They are tested, safe and available in different sizes and textures to help you and your partner enjoy your love making. But, before you jump into the conclusion of using a condom, you need to understand it, talk about it with your partner and then promise each other of using it without fail. This way, you can both enjoy beautiful sex without the fear of contracting an infection or getting pregnant.

Choose a Suitable Birth Control pill

There are several hormonal birth control pills that are available these days in the market. But, choosing one yourself is not a good option. Simply visit your gynaecologist and ask her to suggest you a good birth control pill. The pill will only protect you against pregnancy but not against other STI’s. Also, if you have no intention of getting pregnant, you should never stop consuming these pills, unless you are suggested by your doctor.

So, if you really wish to enjoy love making, make sure you choose Double Protection and keep your bedside rack stocked up with these necessities.

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