Luci Solar Lantern


Luci Solar Lantern

“Nearly half of the world’s population has no or irregular access to electricity and relies on dangerous and costly sources of lighting. For this half of the world, nightfall often means the end of work, study and play, and the beginning of open flames, toxic fumes and danger. For people suffering in energy poverty, the dark of night is more than just an inconvenience. Energy poverty is, in fact, a major contributor to the cycle of financial poverty and dependency on aid that strips communities of their dignity and the opportunity to change their lives.” – MPOWERD

What is Luci all about and where can it be used?

Luci is a remarkably lightweight, waterproof and supremely portable and Inflatable Solar Lantern that has a multi-purpose usage.  You can use it at home as an emergency light and it can be easily hung on a wall or mounted on a ceiling. Since it folds as flat as a pancake, it makes it easy to even store or stash it away.

Since it collapses as flat as a pancake and is easy to store, this is the perfect trekking and camping companion for all the adventure enthusiasts.  It fits in easily in the backpack and can provide the required illumination either as a lantern or a flashlight in the tents.

How does it work?

This portable lantern is powered by small solar panels that are connected to a lithium-ion battery that delivers enough electricity in an 8 hour charge to light up an entire room for 6-12 hours. The Luci solar lantern features two brightness settings allowing the set of 10 LED lights in the lantern to function either as a flashlight or a lantern that can diffuse light to the entire room.  

How do you charge the solar lantern?

Utilising the rechargeable lithium-ion battery and super-efficient solar panels, all you need to do is leave it in the sun (or under any incandescent light) to charge for at least 8 hours. When set on the lowest setting, it can provide light for up to 12 hours and when set on the higher it can provide light for up to 6 hours.

The Luci Lantern also represents an eco-friendly, real-world solution to the lack of electrical lighting in developing countries – providing educational, medical and environmental benefits to those in need.

The Luci solar powered lantern comes with a minimum lifespan of two years and the rechargeable lithium polymer battery pack allows it to be charged either when it is collapsed or expanded.  It has a flashing-light setting that can be used in case of any emergency situations.

When it is left in the sun for the maximum charge time of eight hours, it can provide light for up to 12 hours and the two built in brightness modes in the solar lantern can deliver up to 80 lumens providing 15 sq ft of light.

Price and Availability 

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