Maintaining Hygiene In your Baby’s Diaper Bag


Carrying your baby and his little diapering essentials is altogether a big task, apart from being a full time parent. You need to ensure that you carry almost all the diapering essentials along with you, where ever you go, may it be to your friend’s place or to your nearby shopping mall. But, along with carrying your diapering essentials, you also need to ensure that you maintain possible hygiene in your diaper bag. And yes, this is perhaps the most important thing you need to consider of all.

Simply dumping a set of diapers, extra clothes, a packet of wipes and cream is not what you call packing your perfect baby diaper bag. You need to do it in an organized manner, keep things that are very important right in front and lastly make sure you don’t forget the basics. So, if you are keen on packing a perfect baby diaper bag without making mistakes and not compromising on the hygiene, here are things you should prefer carrying in your diaper bag.

  1. Diaper Disposable bags

Always pack a few extra diaper disposable bags in your bag. This will help you dispose the soiled diapers without spreading germs, smell and infection around. This is the best way to get rid of your baby’s stinky diapers.

  1. Wipes

Instead of carrying bigger packets of wipes, remember to carry small baby wipes packets which are easy to carry and fit into your diaper bag. However, never forget to keep your wipes into your bag.

  1. Diapers

Pack a few extra diapers in your small baby diaper bag as well. In case your diapers get used, these extra diapers will further help you to keep your baby safe.

  1. Diaper cream

Using simply diapers is not a good option for your baby’s sensitive skin. Always remember to apply diaper cream to avoid skin rashes on your baby.

  1. Hand Sanitizer

Once you have cleaned the diaper of your baby, remember to sanitize your hands with an alcohol based hand sanitizer. Always carry a hand sanitizer with you in your baby’s diaper bag.

Tip: Pack the basic diapering essentials into a ziplock plastic bag. This will prevent clutter in your bag.

  1. Extra clothes

In case your baby spoils her clothes, you need an extra pair of clothes to change your for your baby. This is where an extra pair of clothes comes useful for your baby. Also, in order to avoid them from getting dirty or getting infected, remember to pack the clothes inside a ziplock plastic bag.

  1. Medical Kit

Carry a small baby medical kit for your baby. This kit should include almost every essential medicine that your baby may need when going out or to your next door neighbor. The kit should have a thermometer, a medicine for fever, stomach pain, gas and other nutritional supplements. This kit is a must and should be packed inside your diaper bag.

Tip: Keep the medical kit inside a small plastic bag.

  1. Extra Zip lock plastic bags

And finally, in order to carry back your baby’s used or dirty clothes, remember to carry a few extra plastic bags, preferably a ziplock bag. This will help prevent your other things in the bag or getting dirty or stinky. Packing them into plastic bags can help you stay organized and always hygienic.

So, if you wish to maintain hygiene in your baby’s diaper bag, follow these tips and keep your baby healthy and safe.

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