Make Your Relation Stronger – Bridging The Generation Gap


Are you a parent? Well if yes, then ask yourself just one simple question, “Do you Know what your child does while hanging around with his/her friends?” If you don’t know the answer to this question, then you are definitely on the other side of the path, with a generation gap between you and your kids.

To you, it may just seem like yesterday when you became a parent, when you first saw your baby take her first steps. And today, although the feeling remains the same, the relation between you and your child has some how changed. You no longer understand his/ her choice for music, dressing sense, the language he/ she speaks and constantly keep fighting over small issues such as coming back home in time or spending too much pocket money over their necessities. If this is the case, then you and your child have a generation gap between you.

Parents and kids, when they have a generation gap between them, they slowly start getting away from each other. A Distance develops in their relation which if not bridged at the right time, the sensitive relation between a parent and the child may get damaged forever. So, if you want to see your relation with your child blossom with time, then you have to put in a little bit of extra effort. Here are a few tips to help you strengthen your relation with your child.

  1. Communication

Start from the basics. Communicate with your children and listen to their talks, discuss issues with them and understand their thought. This will help you slowly get to understand the thoughts and needs of your child. Also watch the behavior and habits of your children. See how they react to things, how they manage their work and convey their points to you. Try to be patient, listen to them rather than speaking your ideas first.

  1. Keeping up with the new generation

I agree that we all are brought up in different environment and generation which automatically has an impact on our thoughts and personality. So, if you want to bridge the distance between you and your kid, make sure you keep up with the changing time. Keep up with their pace, but not forgetting about your olden days.

  1. Stop comparing

Understand that you come from a different era while your kid is from a different age. So, don’t impose your old school fundas on them. Remember, the past was good for you and the present is different and good for your kid. So, stop comparing the old days with the current age of your kids.

  1. Share and Listen

If you really want to bridge the generation gap between you and your kid, then you need to learn to share and also listen your kids with a clear mind and heart. If you learn to accept, understand and share, you will see your kid do the same with you, thus bridging the gap between you.

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