Making your Pregnancy Safer with Pregnancy Care Products


Pregnancy is the most sensitive phase in a woman’s life. Right from her glowing skin, her bones, body structure, hormonal balance, emotions and life, everything goes through a change, which is sometimes good and sometimes towards the negative side. Some get blessed by a glowing skin, a good healthy body and beautiful hair, while some other women suffer from acne, diabetes, thyroid, hair fall and excessive weight gain. This is one reason why a woman has to take a lot of care during her pregnancy phase and this includes right from eating nutritious food, using the best pregnancy care products and sleeping completely relaxed to stay healthy. And to make sure you enjoy your pregnancy without the slightest worries, Safetykart brings you a range of products, right from pregnancy supporting pillows to baby bump safety belts. Know about these products in details here below and how they can be used to make your pregnancy relaxing and joyous.

Pregnancy Pillow


One of the major problems that most women face during pregnancy is sleeping comfortably and peacefully. Due to the changing body posture, the hormones and eating habits, most women suffer from extreme back pain. And the best way to take care of your pain is by supporting your pregnant belly with a nice soft pregnancy pillow.

These Pregnancy pillows are soft and can adjust to your growing belly. They are made from varying products, sometimes even the soft microbeads that add more comfort to your belly and back.

Stretch Marks Cream


During pregnancy, if you are happy about your growing fetus inside, you are also deeply scared in the back of your mind about the lifetime marks you get during pregnancy, the stretch marks. With your growing belly, you need oils and lotions that help make your skin flexible, allowing it to stretch to its full without any stretch marks.

At safetykart, find the best stretch marks cream from Palmers to fight the stretch marks. Apply the product right from your 5th month till the day your baby is born. The cream has cocoa butter which helps prevent stretch marks.

Bump Belt

Safety during driving! Now drive your car with complete safety for you and your growing baby with the baby Bump belt. Attach this safety product to your car seat and use it along with your car seat belt to protect your bump and the baby inside.

The bump belt is designed to keep the seat belt away from your baby bump, particularly during collisions. The belt protects your unborn child and you while traveling in your car.

Maternity Belt

Back pain is one of the common conditions of most women during pregnancy. This Maternity belt is designed to particularly help you get support for your growing belly and easing the back pain. The product is designed especially for the last months of your pregnancy, when the belly weight makes it difficult for you to move comfortably. The product is long lasting and is permeable making it more comfortable for you.

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