Mangoes and Diabetes


Its summer, the season of mangoes! With the entire country enjoying the different varieties of mangoes, its juicy and sweet taste, there are a few who are forbidden to enjoy the taste of this fruit. Mangoes for diabetic people, is almost like a forbidden fruit, especially due to its high sugar content. But, is relishing mangoes good or bad for diabetics? Here are a few points that can break the notion of this forbidden fruit.

Mangoes are healthy

Fruits are always considered a healthy choice no matter whether you have diabetes, a heart condition or any other health problem. They are rich sources of water, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which help boost your health. So, if you are diagnosed with diabetes, it is simply a misconception that you cannot have fruits due to their sugar content. However, there is surely a small measure that you need to consider.

Mangoes are rich in vitamin A, minerals, carbohydrates and fiber. Having a small portion of the fruit is the key to balancing your diabetes and also your craving for the fruit. You can eat a small amount of mango, such as half a cup i.e up to 50 gm of the fruit without risking the diabetes sugar level in the blood. However, as a precaution, it is important that you take care of your health by exercising regularly and also keeping a check on your sugar intake through other sources.

How to enjoy mangoes without affecting your health?

If you want to enjoy mangoes all this season, here are a few tips to help you. Make sure you follow these points to enjoy the taste of mangoes every day.

  • Measure your mango intake

Make sure you eat only a measured amount of mangoes. Mangoes are not the Forbidden fruit for all diabetics. You can enjoy it but only if you take it in a small amount to relish the taste and also your craving for the fruit.

  • Exercise regularly

Make it sure that you exercise regularly to keep the blood sugar levels in control. Exercising helps burn the sugar in the blood and thus helps you stay fit. For instance, you can simply do a little yoga, brisk walking or even any other form

  • Eat healthy

Eat a balanced food that is less in carbohydrate content. Include more of green vegetables and food that doesn’t include much amount of carbohydrates. This may also include several fruits and vegetables.

  • Keep a check on your diabetes

Use a diabetes home check screening kit to keep your sugar level in control. These kits are extremely easy to use and give you perfect results. The diabetes screening kit is also easily available in online stores along with their complete usage instructions. This helps you to avoid risking your diabetes levels.

  • Diabetes supplements

In order to make sure that your blood sugar level is in control, it is important that you consume only sugar free sweeterners and also certain herbal supplements such as Mesha-shringi

So, enjoy eating mangoes this season, even if you are diabetic.

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