Minor molested in school bus . Is Child Safety a Mockery for Schools?


Gurgaon has witnessed another horrific incident yet again. A 4 year old ,pre-nursery student has been molested by the bus conductor inside the moving school bus . The school in question here Presidium Gurgaon .The suspect Shambhu, 21 has been arrested and is in custody. As per Assistant Commissioner of Police Hawa Singh “Shambhu  has been arrested for allegedly molesting the girl in the moving school bus of Presidium School.” The child was taken in the back seat of the bus and molested by the attendant .The child shared the incident with her mother when she noticed some swelling in her private parts and asked her about the same . “Security of children on school transport is the school’s responsibility .We will take strict action if they are found lacking.” T L Satyaprakash, Deputy Commissioner commented .


As a mother of a daughter , my blood boils whenever such horrendous incident occurs . This is a serious lapse from the school’s end as Shambu was a temporary replacement as his brother used work in the same school and left a few days. All that these commercial schools are bothered about is making money and neglecting the safety of children . I strongly believe that such schools should be taken to task and School Safety Audits should be made mandatory for all schools . We as parents o demand these audits to be conducted as our children have the right to be safe when they are in school. This should not be delayed as you never know who would be the next victim. I am sure that the results of the safety audits would be alarming as child safety is not given a priority in all schools .

A school environment should be safe, above all things, and ensuring safety in a school setting encompasses a number of considerations. Safe and secure common school areas result are possible when there is a comprehensive process to continuously plan, implement, and evaluate the safety and security of the entire school. This occurs when schools conduct scheduled ‘school safety audits,’ remediate identified weaknesses or gaps, and update their practices when more effective procedures or new technologies become available. These audits also help to prevent crisis situations, and they establish the protocols for an effective response system when a crisis actually arises.

It’s about time that we should come together and work towards the safety of children at schools . Raising our voice against this and demanding safety audits is the first step . Strict action must be taken against school flouting the basic safety checks so that it is a learning for other schools . We all want our wards to secured and safe when they are not with us and  is the responsibility of the school to ensure the same. All that most of the schools do is mint money by increasing the fees every year with no heed being given to the safety and security of their students. I am a worried parent and I’m sure most of you would be too . Instead of blaming or complaining , as that actually does no good , we should initiate some positive steps for the safety of our little ones . Child safety is the need of the hour as such incidents are increasing by the day.

Comments source : TOI, HTGurgaon 

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