Mood Swings During Pregnancy – Can You Take Care Of Them?


Pregnancy is a boon for couples, but only when you have planned your baby instead of getting shocked from the news and later cursing the missed use of contraceptives.

A good majority of couples prefer having sex without a condom or simply forget taking their pills on time. Result, you have a little life growing in you within a few days and will later bring the world’s happiest joys to you. But, the entire period of pregnancy is not as easy as it is believed by a lot of people. It is difficult. Your entire body changes, your hormones go mad, you have the world’s worst mood swings and you either feel like a hungry monster or lose your appetite completely. And all this happening to you in a matter if a few days. So, in one word, Pregnancy is Difficult!

Mood Swings During Pregnancy

Mood swings during pregnancy are very common. Thanks to the changing body hormones which affect the neurotransmitter (the chemical messengers present in the brain) levels in the body. However, every woman responds to the these hormonal changes in a different way. Some have heightened emotions and you will see them behaving a little more than normal to the various situations. On the other hand, some women seem more depressed all the time, with no particular reasons. All caused due to the hormonal imbalance.

Mood swings during pregnancy mostly flare up around the 6th to 10th week of the first trimester. It then eases down during the second trimester and again reappears during the end of the third trimester or the end of the pregnancy.

Causes of Mood Swings

Pregnancy not just brings out a physical change in your body but also brings in a change in your emotional being. Factors such as the following, contribute to Mood swings in a woman.

– Physical stress

– Hormone imbalance

– Fatigue

– Mental stress

– Financial stress

How to deal with Mood Swings?

Pregnancy needs to be accepted by your heart and mind. You have to understand the change that will come up in your life. You need to accept it with an open mind. Understand that what you are experiencing during pregnancy is very much normal and you need to add a little effort to ensure that your pregnancy period sails off smoothly.

However, in order to help you manage the stress related to pregnancy, here are a few points that you should follow religiously.

Sleep well: Sleep plenty whenever you feel like. Don’t let your work or stress overpower your body’s need for sleep.

Relax: During the day, take some time out from your work to sit and relax. Do deep breathing, relax and enjoy that special small break you take.

Physical activities: Don’t become a lazy potato just because you are pregnant. Make sure you do all your regular physical activities. This will help you remain in your basic schedule.

Eat Well: Ok, this is something really difficult for women during pregnancy. Some, simply can’t stand any food while some can’t stop eating food. However, whatever you eat, make sure you eat healthy.

Friends: Enjoy your time with your friends. Call them home or go out with them to watch a movie. Just make sure that you enjoy all your time during pregnancy.

Meditation: In order to kill stress and all the negative feelings in you, meditate for a while every day. This will help you relax and keep your mood swings at bay.

Spa: All women love to be pampered. So, during your pregnancy if you feel too stressed, simply go for a spa and body massage to relax and feel vibrant.