Mosquito Banditz : Mosquito Repellent Band for Kids


A Mother is always conscious & selective about using the right & a safe product for their child. Jungle Magic Mosquito Banditz, is a unique mosquito repellent band & one of its kind specially designed for children to protect them against mosquito bites. This revolutionary product is absolutely natural, chemical free and non-toxic. The product is medically coated with Citronella oil, a natural oil known for its aroma benefits along with warming and activating qualities.

Mosquito Banditz are the slap-on bands that are quite common among children. The band completely protects the children while doing outdoor activities. Each pack of Mosquito Banditz consists of two bands with each band lasting as long as 15 days when stored correctly.

Mosquito Banditzare safe mosquito repellent bands and have been tested & approved by government certified external laboratories. It comes in wide variety with animal characters such as lizzy (lizard), froggy (frog), Batty(bat), Spidey(spider), Butterfly, Dragon, Eagle & Tiger.

“Mothers are very sensitive when selecting products for their child’s personal and hygiene usage. After crossing 5 years the children have very limited scope to choose personal care products, either they are forced to choose products that parents use or kids variants of adult brands or they have to continue using infant products. The reason we launched Jungle Magic range is to bring in natural products that are safe and yet unique,” said Dr Swati Piramal, Vice Chairperson, Piramal Enterprises at the launch of Banditz.

“The launch of Banditz demonstrates the commitment of Piramal’s Consumer Products Division to kids’ well being. If you see the overall kids’ market is estimated to be above Rs.20, 000 crore, which is spread across FMCG, apparel, toys, dental care, nutrition & food, gizmos etc. We are providing children with a personalized solution that suits their age. We see Jungle Magic as an umbrella brand that would touch over Rs 100 crore, and become one of our superbrands over the next 5 to 7 years,” said Ms. Nandini Piramal, Executive Director, Piramal Enterprises.

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