Mosquito Repellent Options


What is a mosquito patch?

Mosquito repellent patches are stick-on bandages that are treated with a product or products that help to keep mosquitoes at bay. Some mosquito patches repel not just mosquitoes, but also and other insects that bite. The patch has a backing that peels to reveal a sticky surface. The product can either be applied directly on the skin or be stuck to a surface close to the place where the person is, ex. the wall or the bed frame. Most of the mosquito patches that are sold commercially offers protection for as long as 36 hours.

These insect repellents are sold in boxes and each box would contain at least 2 – 3 patches in it and each of the patches will be individually sealed for user’s convenience. Experts recommend one patch for adults and half a patch for children below 8.

Why do we recommend it?

  • It offers awesome protection outdoors
  • A mosquito patch is perfect for the place that is infested with lots of mosquitoes and other insects that bite.
  • A mosquito patch is the perfect alternative for places that cannot hold electronic insect repellents.
  • Most repellent sticks and creams contain DEET that is not a safe ingredient, so a mosquito patch is a safer alternative.
  • Most patches contain natural citronella oil that is a natural mosquito repellent


What are the options available?

Safetykart has some of the best products that are perfect for your little one whether you are indoors or outdoors.

Surete Mosquito Repellent Patch

Surete Mosquito Repellent is an eco-friendly patch that can be pasted onto your clothes like a sticker. It can also be stuck around furniture and walls or areas that are infested with mosquitoes. These patches are a simple, yet effective solution to stay away from mosquito borne diseases like malaria & dengue. These patches are DEET free and the perfect companion for indoors as well as outdoors.   

Mosbito Mosquito Repellent 12 Patch

Mosbito Mosquito Patches are not applied directly on the skin and the effect of each patch can last up to 12 hours, making them an ideal choice to be used for your little ones. These adhesive patches are compact, lightweight and DEET Free (contains no harmful insecticides or pesticides). The citronella oil in these patches helps repel mosquitoes without causing any irritation.

Runbugz Animal Design Anti Mosquito Patches

These 100% natural and non-toxic pateched can remain effective for upto 24-hours. The RunBugz Mosquito patch is a coin-shaped patch that parents can stick on their children’s clothes to protect them against mosquito bites. The patch releases a powerful scent – a mixture of citronella, eucalyptus, and lemon oil to repel mosquitoes.

Why we also like the repellent patches is because these really small patches can also be stuck on your baby or toddler’s clothes. So all you need to do is stick it on the back of the clothing to ensure that they get the maximum protection!

Other options available:

Jungle Banditz Mosquito Bands

A set of two bands that needs to be worn on the wrists and the legs as bands depending on the intensity of the mosquitoes. Each of these bands lasts for a fortnight and offers maximum protection against the mosquitoes and keeps your kids safe. Suitable for kids over 4 years, these bands contain pure citronella oil that acts as a natural repellent.

Surete – MosQshield (Mosquitoes & insects repellent) Cream

This cream is non-toxic and chemical free and can protect you from most mosquito-borne disease. This all natural and effective is safer to use for everyone and can be used by kids over 10 years of age.  This cream is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use.