Mother Care – 15 Piece Starter Pack


When your little one starts to crawl and walk, there is no stopping their journey of discoveries. As parents all we can do is to ensure that they are safe and not hurt at any point of time. We’ve talked of childproofing your home in one of our earlier posts. We covered the basics, the do’s and don’ts and of what is required and what is not. While there is an array of gadgets available that can make your home a safer, what we are reviewing today is a basic starter kit by MotherCare that is a must for all homes that have toddlers.

The Mother Care starter kit has all that you need to keep your home safe and avoid any dangers that may happen. The starter kit consists of  4 Corner cushions, 1 door slam stopper, 6 white sockets covers, 8 white drawer / cupboard catches and one cabinet lock.

Let us look at how this basic starter kit can make your home and little one safer. 

Corner Cushions


Corner cushions are typically used around furniture that has sharp edges. Tables, sofas, beds, cabinets that have sharp edges must have these protective corners so that there are no dangers of any cuts and bruises. The corner cushions can be stuck to the furniture corners, tables or counter tops and will protect children from injury.

Door Slam Stoppers

Most accidents occur when hands or fingers are caught in the door that has been slammed accidentally. The Slam Stoppers prevent doors from closing suddenly and protect little fingers and toes from getting caught in it. These are easy to fit and can be also removed and clipped to the door when not in use.

Multi-purpose Lock

The multi-purpose Lock can be used on a variety of things in your home ranging from toilet seat, cabinets, cupboards, drawers, refrigerators and more. This easy to use and easy to install lock can be used in most living spaces of your home. This lock works like a latch that your little one cannot open and thus helps avoid any kind of accident that can harm your child.

Cupboard catches

These Mothercare Cupboard locks the doors of the cupboard and prevents an accidental opening of the cupboard drawers and doors by your little one.  This easy to install catch can be set in the off position when not in use. This is one of most simple solutions that one can use in the kitchen or any other places where you may have stores equipment’s that has a potential to cause an injury to your child.

Cabinet Lock


This easy to install cabinet lock can be used to secure your cabinets slide locks and also the cupboards. These locks ensure that the cupboards are not opened accidentally thus causing any kind of injury. These locks are easy to fix because these just latch on the adjacent door handles/knobs of the cabinet.

At SafetyKart, we know the importance of staying safe all the time. You don’t need an accident to understand the importance of safety. This starter kit has all that you will need for your little one when they set out to explore a world of their own. The basic kit will take care of the safety requirements you will need at home.

This basic starter kit from Mothercare, a well-known brand that caters to the a-z of parenting is now available for at SafetyKart

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