Music is the Medicine of the Mind-Yay or Nay!


Just think of this . You are not in good mood for some personal reason and you are driving to work  with the car stereo switched on . Engrossed and worried in your thoughts you suddenly hear your favorite song  on the radio. What really happens to you then ? Do you it turn it off or start listening to it and enjoying the music . I am sure it is the latter. Well , this has happened to be a number of times and I truly feel that music does change your mood , for the better . However it is important to choose the right kind of music . Listening to a sad song when you are is it not feeling too good about something , will surely not make you feel any better. It rather make you feel more terrible .Have been there , done that , hence talking from experience .

Music actually affects the brain and a lot of researches have shown the positive impact of music on our health and daily activities . Let’s find out the ways music acts like a therapy and help us

STRESS REDUCTION : Listening to some soothing songs can help in stress management .It has an extremely relaxing effect on our mind that results in lowering the blood pressure and heart and pulse rate .Most importantly the right kind of music that help decrease the stress hormones and calming us . They say it is beneficial to include some music in your daily life , even though if it for a few minutes . Also the choice of music is upto the individual . You may opt for classical, soft rock , instrumental  or simple Bollywood music . However it is imperative to go for soft numbers when in stress , if you really want to calm down .

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BETTER SLEEP :  Yes, researchers say that music helps one to sleep better . These days there are loads of  options available that can assist you to get rid of insomnia or broken sleep issues . As melody affects the hormones , it aids in getting a good sleep . Try it out today , but choose a calming and soothing music piece.

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ENHANCES MEMORY : According to some researches , music increases memory as it helps in recalling information better .Again that depends on the kind of numbers you hear . If it is as per your liking , then it may help you remember things better .

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MOOD ENHANCEMENT :  I would agree to this . Listening or crooning to good songs surely uplifts your mood . I have noticed this while driving on the busy and crazy roads. I am able to handle it better and drive safely while listening to my favorite numbers. The right kind of music is the key here , always keep that in mind .

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HELPS YOU EXCERCISE BETTER:  You must have noticed , almost all gyms and health centers play songs .Even the regular walkers and joggers plug-in their earphones while walking as it acts as motivational tool . Peppy and dance numbers are preferred to slow music as they help add the required punch and energy .

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Music surely can help us in a lot of ways . It basically increases the happiness quotient . When you are happy ,you feel better , you become more productive that in turn enhances your health and over all well -being . Even when you are going through some tough time , melody can aid you handle the situation better . So whether it is listening to songs , or singing them or playing an instrument , start with something today and see the benefits . It is surely worth a shot !

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