My Mother – Role Model, Hero and Friend..By: Sameera Khanna


My Mother can take the place of all else, yet there is no one who can take her place – there is no better way I can sum up the role of my mother in my life.  From the time that I can remember and I know that from before that too, there was nothing more important to her than me and she sacrificed her own needs and happiness to ensure that I have had whatever I need and want and much more.  I cannot overemphasize the importance of my mother and neither can I define or measure it.  As a daughter she made the tough decision to stay home to care of my grand-father who was seriously ill showing the greatest commitment to caring and giving.  I admire her attitude that has kept her moving against all odds and it is certainly one of the hardest jobs in the world to never give up, never rest and always be everyone’s knight in shining armor.  She single handedly held everyone together when my father had a massive heart attack that sneaked up on us without warning. At this time I saw a woman who could see clearly and think for all us despite the huge pain she was carrying seeing her husband suffer.

My mother, true to her name, Chandini, is a light, a guiding force.  She has instilled in me values, strength of character and has shaped my life and personality. From a shy and awkward child I can see myself blossoming into a strong young woman ready to take on the world and willing to give back to society.  Mum has taught me too, how to heal myself and those in trouble and I know that I will be able to make right at least some of the wrongs in society when I am older.  My mother, despite these setbacks to her career and personal life, retains a zest for life and has an amazing sense of humor. She can brighten anyone’s day when she smiles and continually entertains us with her child-like antics.

Maybe all mothers are this way, but I know for sure that when I am faced with adversity or challenges, my mother’s exemplary stoicism and courage will be my beacon. It is true that she will be there for me always and her dedication to me and the family will remain as long as she is on this earth. The most amazing quality of my mother is that she knows her intrinsic worth which is unshakeable even if slightly rattled by rejection, loss or selfishness.  She just seems to know and understand the value of every moment of life and appreciates them as sacred. My mother is my hero because she has built me emotionally, socially and mentally and if I can be just a tiny bit like her, I would consider myself blessed.

With such a formidable force with me, I sometimes tend to forget that this strong confident mother is human too and at times need nurturing, caring and selfless giving.  She doesn’t need much to rejuvenate her – a word of appreciation, a hug, a kiss or even just a wide eyed smile gets her back to being a force to contend with. My mother is a woman of ‘complex simplicities’ and there is really no one quite like her.

Author: Sameera Khanna