My Role Model- By: Aishwarya Goyal


MOTHER is the most important person in one’s life. SHE is the one who guides and helps her child to achieve great heights.SHE inspires me to work and to dream. THIS women’s day I would like to thank my mother for her love and her support. MY mother is my role model . I love her very much. SHE guides me in my works and she also helps me im my homework. SHE is the one who teaches me the values of life.SHE helps me to fight against wrong things and helps me to overcome problems and troubles. WITHOUT my mother I would not be able to read and to write.I would not be a scholar and all-rounder in my school.

MY mother is my way or my path to joy and happiness.SHE is my teacher,my friend and my everything.SHE saves me in every situation.SHE loves and cares for me lot. SHE means a lot to me.SHE is my soul and she lives in my heart.I cannot live without her . I perform all my duties well under her guidance. SHE pamper’s me by fulfilling all my demands. I excell in fieldsof dance,music and sports all because of her.GOD couldn’t be there with every child so he made mothers.SHE brings a bundle of joy into my world and sings like none other can.

SHE keeps awake at night to soothe my wails and cries.I may quarrel with her,argue with her or even disagree over her restrictions but in the end it is she whom I approach when I am in trouble.MY mother plays “a vital role in my life. “A mother’s love is more than anyone’s love.A mother’s love is something that no one can explain,it ia made up of deep and intense devotion and of sacrifice and pain.” I want to dedicate a beautiful poem for my very beautiful mother on this “WOMEN’S DAY”. “MOTHER is a beautiful person,who’s loved by her children,when we feel pain ,she does too,when we are happy,she’s happy too.GOD cannot solve all problems at one time,so he made mother,to take over at that time.

WE are lucky she’s there,think of those who don’t,who feel deprived without her care.SUCH is the nature of humans, some take her seriously,some take her lightly.THE latter of course,realize her worth,when she’s not on this earth.THEY miss her, they cry bitterly.THEY wonder why they didn’t love her so readily,why they didn’t take the six-letter word seriously.INDIAN culture and tradition defines MOTHER with home,even if others treat her as just a person they have known.BUT today’s generation define’s tradition,I hope and pray and through my poem I wish to convey,message to the people to love their mother . to keep her happy.I love my mother more than anything in this whole world.NOTHING is greater than a loving and caring mother.DEAR mom ,mom can take your place or none has your tact and grace.LET EVERDAY BE WOMEN’S AND MOTHER’S DAY.


Author: Aishwarya Goyal