My Role Model- By: Himani Anand


She’s there in you,

She’s there in me,

She’s there in we,

Somehow yet to bloom and come into existence, Her potential caged by the oligarchy of dirty mindsets, Who think she’s just an asset, She’s none other than my Role Model, waiting her voice to seem audible.

Who is a Role Model, first of all?

A role model is surely a person whom you think inspires you and the best part: who you want to be!! Well , just until one or two years back my Role Model like most of the girls was my Mother and still is but  a whole lot of change has occurred to my own definition of a Role Model due to some incidents which have occurred in the past one or two years .

My Mother has been kind of my life support system , my biggest support , my guide , my friend  , philosopher ,  my ultimate problem solver  , comforting pillow , almost everything good thing I can think of . She has stayed up late at night looking after me, she has taught me to differentiate between what’s wrong and what’s right. There are probably a zillion things I could write down she’s done for me , but probably this time I won’t because after  the Jyoti  Singh  Rape case  ( Delhi )  , Badaun Gang Rape Case ( UP ) etc. and don’t know how many others which have still not come into the limelight have shaken me and my soul as a girl . I realized that the victim could be anyone, any women, a daughter, a granddaughter, a mother, a sister etc. That’s when I realized that I should be changing my definition of a Role Model because I no more felt it safe to be idolizing a woman who herself wasn’t given that strength by the legal system of our country, acting as misers to make anti- rape laws as well as acting extremely uninterested in enforcing them, to feel proud being a woman and freely move about in the society not fearful of being exploited. So I started to idolize a woman who is fearless like a tiger prancing about in the streets at midnight too, proud of her gender, not being looked down upon or just a weak asset to be used and exploited. Not being judged by the way she’s dressed, where she’s respected, valued in the society, where her problems are not just made entertainment news.

Where she can breathe an air of safety, integrity, where as a Mother she can really protect her daughter from the wolfish vampires around. A woman who is not scared of any man  , as they will not have the guts to even touch her , A women who is safe , walking with her sisters , daughters in the streets in full freedom , proudly  , working hard in the corporate sector not being judged  by her gender identity but only being known for her perseverance . I am not into idolizing any female celebrity in any field be it glamour world, sports or politics etc.  No matter what their journey has been, because they are always surrounded by the media or security when they go out.  I want to idolize a woman who doesn’t need anyone like that around her and feels it riskless of living her life on her own terms and conditions. For me safety, security, leads to spreading of good energies, leads to empowerment, leads to equity and progress.

Maybe I am idolizing about a women who’s imaginary as these conditions only prevail in an utopian world full of good and logical heads.

But I am trying my best,

Waiting to see her in REAL,

Waiting to be her in REAL!!

Author: Himani Anand