My views on Women Empowerment and Women’s Safety-By: Georgina


I believe in a society it is essential for women to feel not only safe but also empowered. A polluted environment, which is filled with thoughts of women being the weaker sex or one which treats women as a free for all, is destined to damnation. Why? Because it is understood that to begin with without a woman you will not have a society at all. So imagine a society where women are trashed, raped, beaten, burnt alive or even in a so-called modern society where women are paid lesser wages, eve teased on their way back from a late evening at the office? What would the fate of that society be, one short of dead or in fact dead in itself?

Today’s women in these corrupted societies are not willing to even conceive a child for fear that the child would be a female and be subjected to molestation, rape, killed or even clenched in the wired fences of the modern corporate world! Many fear going out of their homes to demanding jobs owing to the physical abuse/attack on some of their sisters who have probably never returned home from work. Another reason for such a society to be damned is that even tourists, yes tourists have been subjected to this sort of illicit behaviour. Some never to return to their homeland and why? Because the legal system will not make it in their nature to bring about a change to the current situation! Or simply because they could be least bothered to take care of what they deem to be the weaker sex! Why if that was not enough, today women are sometimes the reason behind weakening their own sex?

They engage in being crime partners with male counterparts to have even primary school goers molested and raped! So what happens if the tables are turned and women emerge as the stronger sex or are fully empowered perhaps more than a man in this society? What results could be nothing short of a happier environment, full of colour, liveliness and not only that we would see bigger, better societies, quality of living, influx of tourists into the country and more. More hands at work at all levels just means more revenue influx and better standard of living. Fair opportunities would also mean better educated populous and hence resulting in peak performance and domino effect of growth. Empowering women will also have a double edged effect in terms of women’s security.

Educating the masses would only mean women having better knowledge of how to safeguard themselves. When and how to say no and if unable to do so, taking an informed decision as to what next needs to be done. Women’s security is of great concern across the globe which is why in today’s modern society, parents are more forward thinking in the respect of having their girls trained in marital arts or self-defence classes. Older women too engage in these arts in order to safeguard their interests. Question is in a democratic society where you expect the governmental system (mind you whom you have voted) to bring about stringent rules with regards to women’s safety and security, is it up to the women to safeguard their own interests. And then would you penalise them for taking matters into their own hands? Some Middle Eastern societies practice public punishments if any of their women or girls have been demoralised or abused.

The accused is surrounded by the general public who witness authorities strip and whip him several times, salt thrown on his wounds and executed. In some rural areas, general public along with the families of the victims have publically penalised the accused by taking matters into their own hands. We wonder if this is going to be the norm or just a couple of exceptions. Is this sort of behaviour going to cease to exist as a result?On a more positive note, several women empowerment bodies/agencies have emerged in the recent past. This has brought great solace to many women who have been abused or continue to be abused in their households or in public. A lot of people have received justice in the face of the birth of these agencies. It took a lot of such gruesome acts occurring across the nation for such cells or agencies to come about. Also many a great personality /celebrities have taken it as their birth right to get their sisters, mothers of their country the much needed security they desire. What remains to be seen is how far can these new reformations bring solace to the future generations of our girls and women?

Will it bring justice to those who have lost their dear wives, sisters, mothers, aunts due to past attacks? Most schools are now considering mandatory self-defence classes esp. for its female population. We just may have a future generation of women who need no men, government or agency to come to its aid! Some of the steps that the government /legal system can consider to step up women’s security and thereby empower women to stand their own ground: 1. Introduce an extreme punishment in the legal system against offenders and to those aiding these offenders in their acts. 2. Increase street patrolling esp. in remote areas. 3. Install street cameras, CCTVs at random across the city. 4. Have a tighter record of offenders to track down those who had completed their term / punishment. 5. Obtain records of bus drivers, taxi drivers, auto rickshaw drivers, staff (training and nontraining) from schools and colleges along with previous and up-to-date code of conduct certificates.

Ideally having a system like the Social Security System in the US would enable linking of records. These records normally have information including the finger prints of offenders. 6. Spare no VIPs!! None even the influential folk should be allowed to escape the grip of the system as was seen in several cases of old. 7. It should be made mandatory for corporates to increase their internal transportation system esp. for women traveling late hours of the night or wee hours of the morning. Some of these steps can go a long way to provide the necessary safety measures for women. Remember without your own mother you would not be breathing and living or even reading this article! So safeguard the interest of every women! After all she is someone’s mother, sister, wife, fiancée, friend or lover! She is loved and cared for by someone or many in this world! She is your yesterday, today and tomorrow! Make her feel safe and you can reap nothing but peace, success and solace all the days of your life!

Author: Georgina