Indian Navy Day: Its Time To Salute

Navy Day

Indian Navy is the naval branch of the armed forces of India. The Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Navy is the president of India. The Maratha emperor which is known as the Chatarpati Shivaji Bhosle in 17th century is considered to be ‘Father of the Indian Navy’. Indian Navy Day is celebrated on 4th of December every year after the successful execution of ‘Operation Trident’. It was the naval operation that was executed during 1971 war in which Indian Navy attacked Naval Headquarter of Pakistan in Karanchi on 4th of December. The attack was carried out using the Indian Naval Missile boats.

It is the day which is celebrated for the achievement, magnificence, and naval force’s role towards making the country a better place. It is also celebrated to commemorate the courageous attack of the Indian Navy as well as to reverence all the martyrs of the war. This day is observed on the basis of a particular theme each year. In 2008, this day was celebrated with the theme ‘Reaching out to Maritime Neighbors’ while in 2012, it was associated with ‘Maritime Power for National Property’. Likewise, this year, the day will be celebrated with the theme ‘Ensuring Secure Sea for a Resurgent Nation’. The intention of this theme is to make the navy more and more potent and powerful.

This year, Indian Navy will be celebrating the 44th anniversary of the Navy Day. On this occasion, Indian Navy’s Western Naval Command which is headquartered at Mumbai takes its ships and sailors in order to make this day outstanding. The eastern Naval Command at Visakhapatnam plans all the activities that are to be held for the day. RK Beach is the war memorial where wrath laying ceremony takes place. After it, the operational demonstration is performed so that potential and resourcefulness of the naval ships, submarine, unique forces, and aircrafts can be celebrated. People can enjoy various demonstrations presented by aircrafts flying in the sky over the RK Beach.

From Nov 24th to Nov 26th, the Naval Institute of Aeronautical Technology carries out a community service for Indian Navy at the ‘Good Hope Old Age Home’, Fort Kochi. Here, Navy Children School Chair’s students give performance so that they could amuse the inmates and naval doctors of the INHS Sanjivani. These naval doctors do the good deed of providing timely medical checkups and other healthcare services to the patients. Contests like Navy Queen and Navy Ball are also organized. On this day, a gala feast is also held for naval officers and their families. People who wish to enjoy the aircrafts and warships of the Indian naval forces can fulfill their wish as they are open to visitors during this period. A Military Photo Exhibition is also put up by Emakulum’s journalists on the occasion of the Navy Fest.

The Commemoration of the Navy Day is kept on for around 2 months with the intention to organize maximum number of the events, as well as give maximum number of people the chance to make the most of these celebrations; weekends are usually the busiest during these 2 months.

The Navy Day is close to be celebrated, so the Indian Navy has already opened door for the people so that they could see two frontline warships named Tarkash and Indian Naval Ship in Delhi. So what are you waiting for? Gear up and don’t miss this chance to witness the Indian Navy at the best of its glory.

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