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organic shampoo

Long luscious locks that hang down our shoulders with health! Well, we all love our hair and it's a pain to see them fall off or break away due to various reasons. No wonder why we have hundreds and thousands of hair care products available in the market today, each blindly promising you the best results within a few days. But, can we really trust these chemically formulated products for our hair? No, at least not me!

Our hair has the power to define our looks, no matter how you wear them. Whether you tie them up into a ponytail or just brush them at the back of your head, they can give you a perfect look with their glowing health. And yes, to care for them, you need the best hair care products including a basic organic shampoo.

With the market overflowing with millions of shampoo and conditioner brands, it gets difficult for a consumer to choose the best brand of all. After all, you really don't want to risk your hair with these shampoos do you? A good shampoo is the very reason to your beautiful hair, apart from your balanced diet. Here are a few pointers that prove an organic shampoo is better than all other chemical based products.

– pH Balance: When you shampoo your hair and the scalp, you remove the dirt, oil and other alkaline residues from your hair. It balances the pH in your hair and scalp, keeping them soft and shiny. However, overusing the shampoo will only make your hair dry and lack its natural lustre.

– Cleanses your hair: A good shampoo helps cleanse your hair from the pollutants and dirt from our day's work. The deposit on our hair, prevent our hair from breathing fresh air. They make our hair coarse and heavy. You may also see your hair falling off due to unhealthy scalp.

– Nourishes the scalp: An organic shampoo acts as a nourishment for your scalp. When you wash your hair, it allows your scalp to breath by removing the dead cells and oily dirt deposits from our scalp. Made out of herbal ingredients, these shampoos act as a treatment for your hair, nourishing them with the vitamins and minerals needed for their beautiful growth and health.

– Herbal ingredients: Organic food, organic shampoo and conditioners! Well, the world now has a new need for organic things, including shampoos. Made out of herbal ingredients, these shampoos have natural extracts that are rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals which give our hair all the nourishment it requires to grow long and beautiful. However, like all chemical shampoos, even certain herbs have a bad effect on our hair. Thus, you need to read the ingredients in the shampoo before you buy them. Also, make sure you know which ingredient will make your hair soft and supple instead of dry and coarse.

Huge Variety available: With the increasing need for organic shampoos in the market, a large number of small and large companies have now started manufacturing a huge variety of them. This is a bonus for all organic shampoo lovers, but you also need to be very careful when buying the specific brand.

So, if you want long beautiful hair, Choose wise, choose organic! 

This post was previosuly published on 2nd July 2015  

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