Our First #GOSF 10 Must Get Deals of #72HoursOfCrazy


So, ‘something big’ has finally arrived and is on the go. We are talking about the 2014 Great Online Shopping Festival(GOSF).This  is one of those times of the year when season treats you with its warmth of coldness;  last month of the year when everybody is hopeful to greet the New Year with joy and glee. Christmas is knocking at the door at the same time making people active for big purchases on huge sales.

Google’s year awaited Great Online Shopping Festival(GOSF) has kicked off on Wednesday on more than 450 online partners offering deals and discounts. GOSF is a 3 day event that is being held from December 10 to 12.  GOSF was initially launched by Google on December 12 2012 to promote the adoption of electronic commerce in India. It was created in collaboration with a number of Indian online shopping websites.

This is the third edition of GOSF and every online shopping  sites are giving heavy discounts for these 3 days, in order to boost up sales. Most online shopping sites are overflowing with sales on a number of products for its customers. The shopping festival gets a huge crowd that publicizes the sites individually.


SafetyKart.com is one of the largest e-commerce platforms for Safety Products Online.  This is our first #GOSF and we have been super excited about #72HoursOfCrazy, and now want to share the excitement with you as well. There are 206 products that are on best deals for you to grab fast before they go out of stock. Every order that you  place avails you with loyalty points for your next order from the website. The major discount offers that are live are on PeeSafe, PureOne Water Purifier, Gerber, Pelican, Slice, Lacto Calamine, Dlink, Resqme, Vital BP Monitor, Jungle Magic and others. The 3 day online festival also offers its customers with an exciting deal of 299 rupees. This offer excites customers to purchase online products at an attractive low rate. There are 3 products PeeSafe, Lacto Calamine and Slice that are available at flat ₹299. PeeSafe is available on a pack of a 5 with 50% off, Lacto Calamine is present at 63% flat discount and interestingly, Slice Precision Cutter is available at simply ₹ 299.

Other brands that are gettable on discount rates are PureOne water purifier which are at ‘buy 2 get 1 free’ offer, Gerber is available at flat 10% off, Pelican at 15%, Dlink at minimum 30%, Resqme at 35%, Jungle Magic at 40%. Vital Blood Pressure monitor is available at ₹ 950 off the original price. Similarly, Sayfty pepperspray is present at ₹249. The bumper sale on products at SafetyKart.com attracts its online customers for its delightful offers as well as safety and precaution that is the prime reason for its sale.

With the recent Uber cab rape case, women are more alert and should be active and aware regarding their personal safety. Sayfty Pepper Spray is  available at a discount rate on the site with gripping offers. Sayfty Pepper Spray counter attacks multiple attackers against women. The product is non toxic and non lethal with no permanent after effects on the person. The nozzle is pointed towards the face of the attacker and is the best option for safety against molesters. It can be instantly used even on dark against ill treaters.

Slice brings another exciting product which is a precision cutter that cuts safely and accurately using ceramic blades useful for making intricate shapes and designs. The original price is ₹ 600 that is being offered at lower than the half of its price.

The best 3 days for online shopping at discount rates has already started. Missing the grand opportunity of the online festival is your loss, therefore, think fast to buy the most important genre of daily life and that is ‘safety’. Always remember a safe life leads to a happy world.