Pack Safe this Vacation with Sturdy Backpacks

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Loaded briefcases, disorderly shoulder bags or not-so-convenient trolley bags – these seem like your perfect companions to a weekend escapade! Really!? Think again. Suitcases, carry bags, trolley bags etc. are meant to take the burden off you, and into them. But these supposedly problem-solving entities are a problem in themselves. Suitcases are too heavy to carry, shoulder bags threaten to rip off your shoulders (OK, at least your shirt), and trolley bags, don’t even let me mention the dreadful dance those trolley tires are adamant to show every time you move them around! Don’t you wish these vacation packing woes could come to an end? There could be one solution that would be safe as well as convenient to carry around?

Well, there is a solution – sturdy backpacks!

The idea behind a travel backpack is simple: the backpack zips opens like a normal suitcase – no more top loading nonsense. This way you can easily access whatever you need. Additionally, most travel backpacks don’t have all those extra straps and suspension system (like your beloved old shoulder bag). So it’s safe for travelling in buses, planes, etc. Sounds great, right? Looks like you’ve finally found your true vacation companion. So what are the options you can choose from this vacation season?

Let’s have a look at some of the backpacks available online:

The Quechua forclaz 70 hiking backpack is a sturdy and trustworthy companion for all you hiking and mountaineering freaks out there! Made with high quality material, this backpack is equipped with ergonomically-designed shoulder straps for the perfect balance. This 69 liter pack features multiple zippered compartments with side panels and mesh pockets, just enough to accommodate all your packing needs.

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Simond alpinism 22 light backpack is an ultra-light weight (550g) and versatile backpack, thanks to the contact zone with back in perforated foam, mesh shoulder straps with height-and width-adjustable chest strap to prevent the straps from sliding off your shoulders and adjustable waist belt for enhanced comfort. Side compression straps reduce bulk. There is also a hydration pack compartment inside the pack, opening on top for accommodating drinking tube. The pack also features inside pocket for money, identity papers and keys and two net pockets on the each side of the pack.

Wildcraft laptop bag club grey 28l is brought to you for comfort and style while on outstation travel. These backpacks have adjustable shoulder straps, mesh padded back system and other features that provide ultimate protection for your belongings.

The Quechua trek bag 120 liters is built for a rugged adventure experience. Designed especially for hikers to enable them use support to move gear in between the various stages of a hike. This durable bag offers wide opening and detachable shoulder backup straps. This high capacity bag is large enough to contain baggage weighing up to 120 liters and is handy enough to transport your belongings easily while on a hike.

Quechua forclaz 60 backpack comes with enough space to fit your need. Protecting your stuff from getting dampened or moist is the polyurethane coated PA lining of this bag. An Eva padding preventing sweat accumulation and smooth air flow comes with a pole holder, so you don’t have to carry it separately. Adjustable shoulder straps and chest strap are the additional features that make this backpack a decent buy.

Wildcraft backpack Jupiter grey is a triple compartment, light weight backpack that comes loaded with a dual side mesh pockets, padded shoulder straps and padded haul loop that make journeying oh-so-comfortable. A functional organizer on the inside makes it more spacious. Good enough to load, lock and shoot to your favorite vacation destination.
Travelling was never this easy. But now it is, with these sturdy backpacks. So what are you waiting for?

Pack your stuff and get ready to make the most of your trip, without the worry of juggling around suitcases!