Parenting tips for a safer home – Part II

safer home

In our series of posts on parenting tips that one must be aware of, we will focus on aspects that you as a parent must focus on to keep your home safe for your little one. In our previous posts on childproofing and parenting tips to keep your home safe, we covered extensively on a few products that are a must have for your home. In this post we are acquainting you with a few safety tips that you should be aware of as a parent and also products that will help you make your home a safer place.

Making electrical points and appliances safe

 Did you know that electrical shocks cause deaths and injuries each year? An electrical shock occurs when a child touches an object that is electrically charged. If your house has proper grounding, products that can avert an electric shock and electrical safety devices, it can help prevent a potential hazard in your home.

We’ve listed simple ways that can help you childproof your home from electric shocks:

  • Use plastic covers or socket covers to cover any open electrical socket.
  • If you have any damaged appliances or electrical cords, repair them or discard them.
  • Keep all electrical appliances at a height so that your little one cannot reach them..
  • Do not keep any electrical appliances like your hair dryers or hair irons near the bath tub.
  • Check your electrical wirings at least once a year.

An electrical shortage is also one of the most common reasons of household fires. Keep a watch for any fluctuations, burning odours or flickering lights. Alert an electrician who can check the wiring for you and also have safety measures ready.

Our Expert Tip: Ensure that you have a fire extinguisher at your home that can help you tackle the small fires before they go out of hand.

Store away small objects

Choking is one of the most fatal reasons that can also cause death. In most cases choking occurs when the child can choke on small items. Ensure that you cut your children’s food into bite sized snacks and use cutlery that is child friendly.  Keep other snacks and small items like coins and other accessories like small toys, buttons or pins out of the child’s reach to avoid accidental choking.  If you have toys with small parts, then ensure that you are around your child when they are playing with it. Keep all small things out of a reach and ensure that you have cabinets securely locked with child locks in place so that it cannot be opened or accessed.

Our Expert Tip:  Look out for labelling instructions on toy sets. If it mentions they are not safe for children under 3 years old, avoid buying it.

We know that parenting is not an easy task and there are more than just these three tips that we have mentioned. Have you read our previous posts on childproofing your home and on essential parenting tips that one needs to follow if there is a little one at your home? Keep a lookout for our next series of posts on parenting tips that you ought to know, as we cover more areas and give you more tips on how to make your home and your little one safe and secure.

What do you think that should be an essential tip to keep your home same? What is that one thing you always follow and never forget? Share your safe parenting tips with us on our blog and we’ll showcase it in our social medias. 

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