Parenting tips for a safer home


Parenting tips for a safer home

In our previous posts on childproofing your home, we covered extensively on a few products that are a must have for your home. Being a parent is not easy, when you have a toddler at home, it is important that you actually go down on the knees and see the rooms that you want your child to be safe in from their perspective.

In this post we are letting you know about a few simple tips that every parent must follow to keep their children safe. In this post we will cover the three essential tips that every parent should follow.

 Never Leave Children Alone Near Water

Never ever leave your child near water, not even for a few seconds! No matter how much your little one loves to splash around in the water during the bathing time and finds it absolute fun, we insist that you never leave your little one unattended near water. Leaving you child unattended can pose the danger of drowning. Did you know that it takes less than an inch of water for a baby to drown? So be around when your little one is playing in the bath tub, pool or even a bucket of water. We believe that to ensure safety it is important to prevent situations that may lead to accidents.

If you are using warm water for the bath, then ensure that you use a temperature checker to keep a tab of the water temperature. If it is too hot, it can cause scalding to your baby’s tender skin. Do test the water with your hand or the elbow before you lower your child into the water.

Our expert tip: Ensure that you empty the bath tub or the pail of water once the bathing time or playtime is over.

Keep harmful cleaning materials away from your children

 Detergents, deodorants, floor cleaners and other accessories that you use to clean your house must be stored either in a cabinet or in a place that is inaccessible to your child. If you are storing them in cupboard, then use cabinet fasteners that do not allow your little one to access the cleaning materials.

Stock all your medicines in a cabinet and secure it with a cabinet lock so that it cannot be accessed. The same applies to your cosmetics and toiletries too. Keep in mind that perfumes, hair sprays, hair curlers, nail polishes and removers and other accessories can cause a potential threat to your little one. If you can, then do install a door lock to keep the room inaccessible where you store all the equipment’s. Protect your house with childproofing gadgets

Our expert tip: When storing products, store them in their original containers only so that it is not mistaken for any other items.

Keep the sleeping areas to the bare minimum

If your baby sleeps in a crib, keep it as bare as you can. Yes, we know that your little one loves thise stuffed toys, but overcrowding the crib or the bed can cause suffocation. Studies have indicated that suffocation is one of the leading causes of unintentional injury-related death that occur in a baby’s sleeping environment. When you overcrowd your baby’s crib or bed with blankies and soft toys there are chances that it can restrict their ability to breathe. Hence, it is very important that your keep the sleeping area as bare as you can. Keep one light blanket to cover your little one and let the blankie reach up to the chest of the baby and tuck the blankie lightly below the sleeping mat or mattress.  Ensure that it is secure enough and your baby should not be able pull it over the head. In colder climates, dress your baby warmly and don’t overuse blankets to keep them warm.

Invest in a baby monitor so that you can see what your baby is doing even if you are not around them. A baby monitor helps you track activities of your little one even when you are in a different room

Our expert tip: If you have storage trunks in the rooms, then remove the lids to prevent the child locking themselves accidentally inside.

We know that parenting is not an easy task and there are more than just these three tips that we have mentioned. Keep a lookout for our next series of posts on parenting tips that you ought to know as we cover more areas and give you more tips on how to make your home and your little one safe and secure.

As a parent, what is your essential tip to keep your little one safe? What is that one thing you always follow and never forget? Share your safe parenting tips with us on our blog and we’ll showcase it in our social medias. 

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