Patience Is The Key In Every Relationship


Can you remember any idioms starting with patience? Any quotes which describe how patience is the ultimate test to succeed in anything? Patience bears fruits sweet as nectar and so on… Yes, there are tons of such lines which tell us how much value this word carries. Yet sometimes, we do lose sight of these principles and end up in a discord.

A level headed person would always deal any situation with enough tolerance to bring out the best. Enduring hardwork, believing in yourself and having a fixed goal can help us achieve anything we want. But what if, all these are for a different person? What if you had to believe and have patience for another person who is very important in your life? Would you promise to not lose faith? Or would you give up on him or her when harsh situations arise?

No one, absolutely no one likes to live alone and that’s why we have our groups, teams, locality and neighbourhood. You can find a list of collective nouns for all the animals as well as human beings which define in red bolds that we love to be in a relation with other people. Now relation is quite a relative term. We sometimes see relations as a partner, a friend, someone on whom we can depend, someone who would solve our problems, someone whom we promise to spend our time with. But things sometimes don’t go as we plan.

Quite often we come face to face to a bunch of broken relationships in a family. It might not be evident from the outside, but as we mix, we come to know of various complaints, disapprovals, disagreements and much negative wear and tear in these apparently good relations. Why do you think these happen? Given that we love to be in relations, why do we then break away from them? Well, to be frank, sometimes, the reasons are legitimate and perhaps being apart seems like the best solution, but most of the times, it’s because we lose our patience in maintaining these bonds.

Our work, career, lifestyle, thoughts, opinions, ego, judgments and many more things, make us impossible to look at a person’s actions in a different light. A relationship can be with anyone you love, it could be family, friends or that special person in your life, but the key thing to strengthen these beautiful bonds is to have patience with these people. Patience nurtures our decisions, makes us compassionate towards others.

If someday, you see your boyfriend not answering your calls or perhaps not even looking at your messages. Sit back, and please do not get angry at him. Maybe he’s in some kind of crisis and he really can’t talk to you right now. Don’t just start judging people for their current actions. Have patience, have faith that he’s definitely engaged in some important work. Not that you’re not important to him but come on! We all have our crisis moments when we can’t just do what we want to do!

Don’t be angry at your family if you are getting veg dinners every night. That’s something very trivial and making a fuss about small things such as these just doesn’t sit right. Whatever you think is very frustrating or is bugging you to bits, just keep your cool and think… what if the reason behind these irritating acts is something crucial, something which you don’t know… maybe you would start understanding why the person is behaving, the way he is behaving.

If you want to blow your friend’s head off his shoulders because he said something really mean to you or he hurt you bigtime, then just go ahead and knock him down for making you sad. But before that, give yourself a moment and think… maybe he was hurt by someone and to vent off his anger, you became his perfect victim. Maybe he is going through a trouble and can’t speak to you about it because you would feel troubled! Maybe he was recently ditched and that too the night before the Valentine day… Ouch! That would definitely hurt!

So… would you still punch his face for what he said to you? Or would you try to be considerate, be patient with him, listen and try to solve his problem… and then punch his face for what he said to you! Fair enough?

To love is to deal with all of the other person’s problems. Your mom, your dad, your friend, your husband, your wife and so many other people to whom we matter, our words matter, it just isn’t right to become impatient and indifferent towards them because they hurt us a time or two. Think this way, wouldn’t you love to have your special person listen to your sentimental gibberish even if he has ten times more important work to do. Of course you would and that’s why he or she is special to you. So if the person is special then why not do the same thing to him or her? Try being considerate of his sudden rude behaviour or her impulsive outburst and perhaps give them a tight hug or peck at the cheek. It’s not that they don’t love you or don’t care about you, it’s just that perhaps they had a bad day and are feeling helpless. It wouldn’t be fair to hurt them even more without trying to decipher their true turmoil, since, how on earth are you special to them if you can’t be a little patient with them? Loving someone is great but being loved back doubly is even better and that is something earned with this single word… Patience.

It’s great to have this strong virtue within us but even with patience, at times, we become philosophical and shower wise words, we get emotional and give away our thoughts, sometimes we become a fire breathing, anger seething dragon and snip off our relations. But hey, that’s what makes us humans!

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