PeeSafe-Your Child’s Friend that Guards her Against Toilet Borne Diseases


Personal hygiene especially toilet hygiene is very essential and we all need to follow the same . However , there are times when the things are not in your control and end you have to compromise with the same . Public washrooms fall under this category or for that matter any toilet that is used by more than 1 person. It is quite evident that public washrooms are not clean at all so many people especially women try and avoid using them . But have you ever thought about the plight of children at school?

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A few days ago I happened to use the washroom at my daughter’s school and I was actually shocked to see the condition inside. Out of the 4 toilets , 3 were very dirty and the remaining 1 was somewhat useable . I quickly called for the cleaner and asked her to clean all the toilets and asked her the reason for the mess . She shared her plight stating that she has to clean all the girls washrooms on all 3 floors, which she can manage to do just twice or thrice a day . I couldn’t really blame her for unclean washrooms so I decided to speak to the admin supervisor about this as I was really concerned about the safety and hygiene of my daughter and other students as well . I spoke the supervisor who assured me that the same would be taken care soon as currently there was a shortage of cleaning staff . Once home , I checked with my daughter about the state of the washroom on her floor . She said that they mostly dirty as students did not pay any heed to keep the toilet clean and use it properly . She also said that at times she controlled her urge to pee because of the dirty toilets . It was then I decided to give her PeeSafe that she could carry to school and use it each time she went to the toilet .


My little one was quite excited about her new friend as this toilet seat sanitzer would safeguard her from any toilet borne disease. I showed her how to use PeeSafe properly and told her about the benefits about this wonder product. She was glad that she wouldn’t have to hold on to her pee ever again especially in this cold weather . She also told me that she would also talk to all her classmates about PeeSafe and why should all of them use it too .

Safety and hygiene is in our own hands even when the surroundings are not in our control . PeeSafe toilet seat sanitizer is a boon as it eradicates 99.99% of germs found on the toilet seat and also deodorizes the area . Give your child this new friend today and keep them safe. Be Safe with PeeSafe!

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