PeeSafe:A safeguard against toilet-borne diseases


I don’t travel often, but whenever I plan a holiday it needs to be perfect . Safe ,hygienic and a clean environment is my priority. No, I’m not talking about 5-star facilities but basic ones .Well even a high end 5 start deluxe hotel might lack the basics . I still remember our trip to a hill station a few years ago . We were a family of 10 travelling in 2 cars from Delhi . It was a long ride that got longer because we were stopping for food and sight-seeing and pictures at regular intervals . And obviously we stopped for nature’s call as well ….no that couldn’t have been ignored . I am as it is a hygiene freak when it came to toilets and using a public toilet was as good as a nightmare for me . But when you got to go ….you got to go….there is not alternative . So we stopped at a dhaba that had a ‘Western toilet facility available’ and it was very clearly mentioned . We ventured inside , I was already shit scared about the condition of the facility and I was not proved wrong . The toilet was in a terrible state with no heed given to cleanliness . I think the last time I would have been cleaned was months ago . I almost puked and rushed back to my car and loudly declared that I would rather die than pee here…Thankfully today I don’t have to say so as I have PeeSafe safety products for my rescue 

I came across PeeSafe  3 years ago when a sample bottle was handed over to at an all-women’s meet. We all were so happy to receive this product as it meant an end to our woes while using the public toilet which most us were afraid of . I went back home and researched more about PeeSafe . PeeSafe safety products are designed to eradicate germs and bacteria. There are 2 variants of PeeSafe .One is  a toilet seat sanitizer spray  and the other is sanitizer wipes . I’m really glad that someone thought about the hassle of using a public toilet and came up with these PeeSafe safety products that truly are a blessing in disguise .Now I always carry a bottle of PeeSafe in my bag .


PeeSafe ensures that the toilet seat is sanitized and safe for use within a few seconds of spraying . Talking from experience , I now feel safe while using the public toilet at a mall , a theatre or a shopping complex . It also very handy and compact and can be carried in your handbag or can even fir in the pocket . My daughter too is very particular about hygiene and cleanliness while using the washroom at her school. Now with PeeSafe in her pocket she is now tension-free and feels safe . I also give her PeeSafe Wipes so that her hands are clean throughout the day .

Most of us have to use the public toilets and are scared to do so because of the dirty and unhygienic condition. But if we want to keep ourselves safe and away from diseases like UTI then in it imperative that we use PeeSafe safety products. Our safety is in our hands and buying PeeSafe products ensures the same . The sanitizer spray is easy to use and kills the harmful germs and bacteria on the toilet seat . You have wait for a few seconds after spraying PeeSafe and then the toilet seat is safe for use . The multi -utility wet wipes are also very useful . You can use them to clean your hands or sanitize faucets , taps and door handles of the public washroom . They keep you away from germ attacks while using the tap or opening the washroom door .

Take care of your loved ones with PeeSafe safety products . I have been using them since the last 2 years and I have also asked my family members to use them. These products are available online at or and can also be purchased from various departmental stores and chemist . Say good bye to you to dirty toilets with PeeSafe . You can also use PeeSafe safety products  not only outdoors but at home as well . So don’t worry if you are going to a relative’s or friend’s place to party or you have a flight to catch . You can carry Peesafe with you at all these places. A safe , clean and hygienic environment is essential and PeeSafe safety products assist in the same . 

The power to stop infections is in your hands !