Pelican Introduces Pelican ProGear Vault & ProGear Protector Series


Pelican recently showcased its much awaited Pelican ProGear Vault and Protector Series cases for Apple iPhone 5. These protectors are now available online at

“For more than 40 years our company has produced the toughest and most dependable cases for military, law enforcement and firefighter professionals. We are extremely pleased to launch a range of mobile electronics cases with the same kind of protection for consumers,” said Lyndon Faulkner, President and CEO of Pelican. “The Pelican ProGear Vault and Pelican ProGear Protector series provides your iPhone 5 with exceptional protection and clear audio performance, while still allowing for use of the phone.”

Pelican ProGear Vault Series Phone Cases


The Pelican ProGear Vault case is a solid, slim & lightweight protector made from engineering-grade aluminium and polymer materials. Its protective design guards iPhone 5 against rain, snow & dust. Vault safeguards the device from any insulating elastomeric  shock and impact even from a height of 72 inches. Vault also features a water resistant membrane that covers the speakers and microphone without hindering the audio efficiency.  It comes with long-lasting screen cover with anti-scratch technology, an optical grade, unique Dragontrail glass camera port and stainless steel hex-head machine screws. Vault comes in many attractive color combinations available at

Pelican ProGear Protector Series Phone Case

To protect your iPhone 5 from sudden drop-offs, Pelican ProGear protector series phone case has been manufactured to provide dual protection. The outer surface is extremely solid and shockproof that safeguards the iPhone’s glass surface from falling flat on the ground. Moreover, it has a smooth finish that allows the case to slip into the pocket or bag easily. The inner built is cushioned with elastomeric interior lining that protects the phone from scratches. The Protector Series phone cases are available in a variety of colors at SafetyKart.