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It is an old age adage that health is wealth. It surely is. If something bad happens to your health, there is no pointing in earning so much. Health and personal safety should be given maximum priority over money and enjoyment. There are so many accidents happening around the world in every second. One can’t predict what will happen in the next moment. Still, you can take safety measures by equipping yourself with safety gears that will protect you from the impact of various disasters. Proper care should be taken when selecting the safety gears as the cheaper ones may compromise quality and safety. Here is a list of some of the Safety equipment that you can use when going on your next adventure like bike riding or trekking.

  1. Vaultex Black Knight AK Safety Shoe

safety shoe

Vaultex Black Knight AK Safety Shoe is multi-purpose shoe that can be used in either industry to get protection from hazardous chemicals and sharp objects or for trekking through wild forest. It is designed in such a way that it keeps you from falling, tripping or slipping off the surface; these are designed to carry your entire body weight easily and provides comfort for the feet and toes with the leather padding. It is available for all sizes from 5 to 12 and uses 200 joule steel as the toe. This is something anyone should have if they are working on an industry or very fond of trekking

  1. Vaultex LMK Safety Shoe

safety shoe

The Vaultex LMK safety shoe provides maximum comfort for those who have the habit of running or jogging. Running regularly can cause damage to the feet and legs if proper shoes are not used. The Vaultex LMK safety shoe is designed to keep the momentum while running and keep the toes from getting damaged. It is made out of top quality materials to ensure durability.

  1. Respra Anti-Pollution Mask

anti pollution mask

If you are working in a polluted environment, there are high chances that you may get caught with serious lung diseases. By using Respra anti-pollution mask, 99% of the dust particles from the air will be removed while you breathe in. It is an essential for preventing diseases like asthma. These masks can also be worn while riding a bike. Riding open will attract dust particles and it can be prevented by using this mask made of pure cotton. Unlike other masks, this one can be used up to 4 months.

  1. Shiva PVC Supported Gloves

safety gloves

While working with chemical compounds and other reactive objects, it is recommended to not expose your hands directly with them. They might cause severe damage by reacting with the skin. The Shiva PVC supported gloves have superior gripping power and they are resistant to slipping. They can be washed and reused unlike many other gloves.

  1. Btwin Fluo Sleeveless Cycling Jacket

cycling jacket

The safety jackets are essential while riding a bicycle or working near a highway. The fast paced vehicles that are running down the high way may fail to notice the cycle riders and workers. By wearing the safety jackets, which reflect light, one can safely ride his/her bicycle on the highway. Btwin Fluo Sleeveless Cycling Jacket has enough ventilation for enabling proper air cooling.

So, when you are on your next adventure or working at the industry, make sure that you are equipped with these extremely useful safety gears to make yourself safer than ever before.

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