Prepare Your Kid For Emergencies!!


Complications are a part of our life. The only problem is that adults have the ability to fight them, while kids fall prey to such mishaps. Every single day, we come across circumstances wherein kids get surrounded by emergency situations which they fail to overcome. This is one reason why parents need to prepare their kids in every possible way, including grave emergencies. Surely, you don’t wish your child to face such conditions, only to cry tears of blood later on. So, before an emergency situation emerges infront of your kid, prepare him/her to face it and come out of it easily.

How to prepare your child for emergencies?

Based on statistics, the number of emergencies have increased by 50% in the recent times. Power-cuts, stalking, molestation and several other types of emergencies can suddenly emerge around your child. You have to make sure that you secure your child from each of these mishaps. And the only way you can do this is by simply preparing your child against these mishaps. Make sure your child is trained enough to fight these emergencies easily. Here are tips on how you should prepare your kids to fight emergencies.

Assessment and Planning

Teach your kid about the various emergency situations. For instance, tell them about fire emergencies, stalkers, injuries, etc. Tell your kid about the importance of these emergencies and how these situations can convert into grave emergencies if they are not controlled in time.

Assessment of these situations is very important. Based on these situations, help them plan their safety plans.

Consider Physical and Environmental planning

Whether your kid is in your home or outside, teach them to study the place properly. Teach them to read signs such ad fire exits, fire extinguishers, sand buckets, etc. Once your child understands to analyze the environment, it will get much easier for them to escape an emergency situation with ease and without any injuries.

Respond to the situation

When in schools, kids are taught emergency drills, standard procedures, etc. which will help them to come out of an emergency situation safely. These drills further help them save others from the situations. But for this, you have to teach your child the right emergency safety drills. For instance, during a power-cut, always keep emergency lights handy in your pocket and check the doors and windows if they are locked or not. This will also help them from avoiding stalkers from entering your premises.

Emergency Kits your children should be aware of

Show your kid the different types of emergency kits. For instance, teach them about a First Aid Kit, an emergency kit, a fire extinguisher, etc. This will help them to know when and how to use the kit during an emergency. In case your child sees someone being bit by a snake, he can immediately use the poison removal medicines from an emergency kit which can save the life of a person during an emergency situation.

Teach your child the use of various aids such as medicines for curing injuries, a compass in case they are lost in an unknown land, a flashlight to signal people about your whereabouts, etc. You should also teach them how to protect themselves from extreme weather conditions and also about sanitation which can help them stay safe and secured from diseases and various infections.