Preparing For A Comfortable And Safe Road Trip


Summers are fun! The long days and the breezy nights lure us to enjoy long road trips to some of the most beautiful places around us. It may be some luxurious countryside villa which is just a few thousand miles away or to some beautiful nearby mountain that makes you feel closer to the beauty of nature unlike others. The list is endless, riverside destinations, beaches, metro cities or even to your most loved cousin’s small home in the next town. Enjoying a ling road trip with your family has its own fun. But only when you are all decked up for the drive, not compromising on your rest and comfort.

So, apart from getting your car serviced and filling it full tank with gas, you also need to make certain preparations to ensure your typical, Happy and Safe Journey tag. Here is a list of things that are a must for you especially when you are going on a long road trip. Remember and follow these tips for your comfort.

  1. Maps

With a road trip, maps are a must. It doesn’t quite matter whether you go to a known place or a new destination, you need to keep on checking the direction with a map in your hand. These maps are helpful to avoid confusions and going to the wrong track. With the new systems like Google Maps and Mapquest, you can easily go to your road trips without getting lost in a no man’s land.

  1. Toiletries and Sanitizers

Make a small package of toiletries that you may need during the road trip. Make sure your packet includes paper towels, tissues, wipes, paper soap, hand sanitizers and certain basic medications such as antacids, motion sickness pills and also pain relievers. Keep this kit ready and in a ziplock packet, to avoid clutter.

  1. Neck pillow

When you are driving, remember to drive with full focus. But when you are in the backseat and sleeping, make sure you feel absolutely comfortable with a neck pillow, a blanket and an eye mask. Sleep soundly and take rest before you take your chance to get back behind the steering wheel to drive your car.

  1. Eye pack

Usually, people avoid carrying an eye pack with them during a car trip. However, an eye pack can really help you sleep with ease without getting disturbed by the night lights, etc. that you may suffer through during your long journey. But just one thing, make sure you choose your old eye pack and not a new one which may otherwise cause you a little discomfort.

  1. Digital camera

The most beautiful landscapes are visioned only when you are driving through the beautiful landscapes on an open road. So, capturing these scenic moments and the fun you are enjoying with your friends is something to look upto. Carry with you a high quality digital camera to capture all your favorite moments.

  1. Electricity power inverter

Traveling is always fun! But, with us more habituated to our electronic devices these days, it is more important that we carry an electric power inverter in our car. The device converts your car’s battery power into electricity to charge your electronic devices such as laptop, mobile, tablet, etc. All you have to do is plug inverter into the cigarette lighter.

  1. Emergency car kit

Lastly, always remember to carry with you an emergency kit to your road trip. The kit should include a flashlight, first aid kit and the multifunctional car safety tool which can help you come out of your car by breaking the glass (during an accident).