Preventing Malaria : Facts, Symptoms & Measures


Malaria is considered a plague of the modern era and is responsible for an approximate 1 million deaths annually.

As with all other risks and diseases, it pays to be educated and protected against Malaria. So we’re going to present a list of facts and preventative measures for you to understand and stay safe from Malaria.


  1. It is a preventable and curable disease.
  2. It is not contagious (cannot be passed from person to person)
  3. Malaria is caused by the Plasmodium parasite. There are over 5 types of Plasmodium.
  4. The female Anopheles mosquito transmits malaria.
  5. The Anopheles stings which cause Malaria generally are at dawn or dusk.
  6. 95% Indians reside in areas where Malaria prone areas.


Malaria symptoms depend on the general health of the person affected. However, there are a few symptoms which stand out and it is best to consult a doctor if the following symptoms appear:

  1. Fever
  2. Headache
  3. Muscle pain
  4. Back pain
  5. Fatigue
  6. Nausea
  7. Vomiting
  8. Dry cough

As always, it is better to be safe than sorry.

The best way to avoid Malaria is to attack the problem at its root; preventing mosquitoes from breeding is the best defence. Here are a few preventive tips through which we can keep our environment safe from mosquitoes:

Repair and prevent leaks

Plumbing outside the house may start leaking due to damage or weathering and minor leaks may occur. These may pool to an insignificant breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Cover things that may hold water

Buckets, old tires, unused bottles, small pools for children and trash cans collect water and hold it very easily. It is best to either dispose them or cover them to ensure that water does not stagnate in them. It is also advisable to keep checking the covered things from time to time as an extra measure of safety.

Changing Water

Swimming pools are generally outdoors and the water is still at night. Apart from malaria, they may also harbour many other parasites. It is best to get the local pool covered when not in use and drained every 2 days.

Keeping foliage in check

If you have a garden at home or a nearby park, it is best to see that the grass there is trimmed regularly. Mosquitoes breed in long-untamed grass and also unkempt foliage.

Fill out holes 

If there are any holes in the ground or trees, it is best to fill them with mud or plaster, as needed. Mosquitoes breed and shelter their eggs in hollow spaces. If there are holes in the road contact the local municipal department to see to its repair.

These simple steps can be followed by everyone and can be made into an interactive community/municipality initiative to promote the wellness of a colony/society.

However, it is best to be protected against mosquitoes personally. Here are a few products which will help in keeping your family safe from malaria and mosquitoes.

Surete Mosquito Patches

If you need to be discreet about your personal protection from mosquitoes and Malaria, mosquito repellent patches are for you. A Surete patch gives 12 hours long protection, is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It can be easily stuck on the body or clothing and its simple appearance makes it a great choice for professionals. It does not contain DEET (a common ingredient in aerosol sprays) and is safe for even those allergic to aerosol sprays.

Jungle Magic Mosquito Banditz

Jungle Magic Mosquito Banditz Froggy

Possibly the best option to protect your kids from mosquitoes while not restricting their movement or enjoyment. Each of the Jungle Magic Mosquito Banditz band provides protection for up to 15 days. Children above 3 years of age can be made to wear them. Just strap on these mosquito repellent bands to your kid’s wrist and be sure about their safety throughout their school and play time.

Jungle Formula Mosquito Repellent Maximum Spray

Jungle Formula Medium Mosquito Repellent Spray

This heavy duty spray from Jungle Formula is endorsed by the Hospital for tropical Diseases, London. It has been especially developed for those who spend a lot of time outdoors and in areas prone to Malaria. Made of 50% DEET and plant extracts, it provides 12 hour long effective protection against mosquitoes and other bugs. It is the perfect product to provide maximum protection for travellers and adventurers.





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