Preventing Swine Flu with a Hand Sanitizer

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By now, we have all researched and done a thorough study on Swine flu, an infection which has caused over 800 deaths in India alone. But, simply knowing about the viral disease is not enough. You need to know in details about its various preventive measures and how you can prepare your family against it. Sanitizing your hands and the things around you is one such very important step of preparing your family against this deadly infection.

Here are a few facts about this infection, followed by the possible ways that can help you prevent getting infected by the H1N1 virus.

Facts about Swine Flu

  • The disease is a pandemic, a human-to-human transmission of the infection.
  • There is now a vaccine available to help cure and prevent the infection.
  • You can avoid getting affected by the infection if you follow the basic preventive measures.

Preventive measures

  • Wash your hands frequently using a medicated hand wash. Using an alcohol based hand sterilizer is a better option that using a handwash. The reason is simple: you can carry your sanitizer wherever you go; you can use it instantly whenever you wish; and lastly, it has a higher germ killing efficiency than hand washes and soaps. In order to make sure that you sanitize your hands perfectly, make sure you buy only medically approved hand sanitizers.
  • Sanitize your hands every time you sneeze or cough. In case you use a tissue, make sure you throw the tissue into a dustbin. Never re-use a tissue as it may simply enhance the spreading of the infection in your body. This is one of the basic ways through which you can keep a check on spreading the infection or getting infected by it.
  • Choose a hand sanitizer that is anti-bacterial and alcohol based which kills 99.99% germs.

Other basic measures

  • Gain knowledge about the disease. Check the symptoms and cross-check them with your symptoms. Diarrhea and vomiting are also the major signs of this infection.
  • Eat healthy and properly cleaned food that is rich in nutrition. Eat healthy, exercise and take a good sleep to enhance your body’s immune system. Weaker your immunity, more prone you are to get infected with the disease.
  • Don’t share your drinks or utensils with others.
  • Wear a mask or a respirator in order to avoid getting infected by the swine flu virus.
  • Report to your doctor, if you feel sick or have contracted the flu.
  • Restrict yourself in your home. Less exposure helps you avoid higher exposure to the virus and other infections. This way, you can take care of your health and avoid the spread of the flu to others.
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