How to Protect Your Apple Gadgets: 3 Must-Haves

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The advent of the costly smart phones and tablets brings with it another challenge; the challenge to protect them from any damages. With specific reference to iPhones and the iPads, the market is flooded with accessories and gadgets to make you experience these gadgets better. We are not talking about the swanky gadgets that enhance the music quality or the advanced GPS that gives you directions to the door step. We are talking about equipment that will protect your expensive buys and keep it safe.  Our team of experts have come up with these must have accessories that you need to protect your expensive iPhone’s and iPads.

 Pelican ProGear Vault Series case for iPhone 5

The Pelican ProGear Vault Series Case for iPhone is a rugged case designed to carry and protect an iPhone 5. The case is fully sealed to guard against wind-driven snow, rain, dust, accidental drops and like all Pelican products, is guaranteed for life!  The Pelican ProGear Vault Series case is made up of engineering grade polymer to offer an ultimate impact protection to your expensive device.  Another unique feature of this case is the water-resistant microphone and speaker covers with an optical-grade glass camera port that also provides a high fidelity audio.

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This thin and lightweight case offers a high level of protection for your device and the simple snap together construction makes it easy for anyone to assemble the case.  The case comes in three pieces with screws that you need to insert in the case to make the case secure. Once you have inserted your iPhone in the case, cover it with the screen protector and finally the screen frame on the case. Insert the screws and tighten them and your iPhone case is ready to use.

The soft interior of the case allows your iPhone to fit in snugly in the case. The dimensions of the case allow a perfect fit and ensure that the phone does not move when inserted in the case.  Water-resistant microphone and speaker covers provide high fidelity audio too.  

Our Verdict: Yes, we do know that our list of must-haves can in all possibilities have a cheaper version floating around in the market; we just say that good quality comes with a price!

Slim Tablet Case 

One of the first things that people do when they buy an iPad is zero in to the accessories that they would best protect their buy. One product that the experts at SafetyKart absolutely recommend is the Slim Tablet case by Pelican which is known for its features that include the case being watertight, crush-proof, dust-proof and impact proof.  You can fit a tablet up to 10 inches in its case.

When you have multiple users using the tablet, especially kids at home or of it is your companion when you are travelling out, then protecting the gadget become very important. This thin and slim case has a watertight gasket that creates a tight seal when the case is shut and the easy open latch stays shut under any impact or high pressure. The foam lining in the case helps your iPad to fit in snugly and the packaging ensures that there is no damage caused to your expensive gadget.

 The slim case can easily fit in your backpack or your tote bag making it easy to store and carry around. 

Our Verdict: This sleek and stylish case is a must have if you own expensive gadgets like an iPad.

Kicks – Protective Rubber Strips for iPad

The Kicks are protective rubber strips that stick on the back of your iPad 2 (actually they can be used for any other tablet of the same size too!) to add an extra protection layer. This tablet add on is available in gray colour and when stuck on the tablet, the strips blend with the colour of iPad 2.  We recommend this promising accessory for your iPad because it protects the back of the iPad 2 from any scratches or dents that can happen when you place it in against any surface. The advanced 3M adhesive allows you to peel and replace the position of the strips as often as you would want and it does not leave behind any sticky residue when repositioned.

You can also use this product on the earlier versions of the iPad, so you can pick this for the earlier versions of the iPad too. These strips offer an anti-slip grip because the rubber strips hold them firmly on any surface. And since the rubber strips also add that slight height the back of your tablet will bit come in contact with any surface, so you can rest the tablet anywhere without having to worry about any damage that may cause to the back of the tablet.

Another thing that we must share with you is that use can use these strips even with your Apple Smart Cover. With Kicks protective strips in place, you can set your iPad down on your workspace or prop it up against the edge of a cafe table while reading your daily news without worry of scratching the beautiful aluminium back. 

Our Verdict: These protective strips are a must for your tablets to provide the basic required protection to the backside of your device in most situations.

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