Protect Your Eyes for Better Visual Health

protect your eyes

We are always concerned about our skin, hair, clothes, gadgets, vehicles and food. But health gets concern only when it is needed. Do we really care for our precious gifts given by God? The beautiful eyes through which we can see every little thing or the ears that make us hear a lovely cuckoo singing.

 Our eyes are the most vulnerable part of our body especially if people get involved in any kind of work at shop floor. Hence, everyone must ensure safety of his or her eyes.  Eye injuries are very common in many workplaces particularly in environment exposed to chemicals, extreme heat and other hazardous aura. Still, each one of us simply ignore or do not care to bother unless it becomes mandatory to be cared for. There are various eye masks available these days that give protection to your eyes and saves from dust, dirt or other harmful elements damaging the retina.

Let’s all pledge to take care of our eyes at all cost by following tips given below:

 Always create a Safe work environment

Ensure only trained personnel on shop floor and he/she must know how to operate the tools.

Ensure that all tools work properly and safety features on machines are activated.

Make sure to keep bystanders out of the hazard area as far as possible.

 All Safety hazards need to be evaluated

Always identify the primary hazards in the segment

Identify hazards posed by falling or shifting debris, visitors, and large machines and nearby workers.

 Use proper Eye and Face protection device

Ensure that the Eye Protection Glass is in good conditions.

Ensure these glasses fit properly and always stay in place.

Select the appropriate Eye Protection as per the work involved.

You should fully understand and follow the correct procedures of using all Personal Protection Equipment

 Follow good work Practices

Always, brush, shake and/or vacuum dust debris from hardhats, hair, forehead, or from the top of eye protection gear before removing the protection.

Do not rub eyes with dirty hands and/or clothing

Always clean your eyewear regularly

Keep first aid box handy in case of any emergencies

Have an eyewash or sterile solution on hand.

The American Optometric Association says, you can protect your eyes by:

“Understanding eyes dangers in your work environment.

 Using work Screens, machine guards and engineering controls

Protecting your eyes with appropriate safety gear

Replacing eye protection if damaged, and making sure it’s in good condition”.

 Need We Say More? Stay Safe!