Protect Yourself: Its World Health Day

World Health Day

We all love gobbling delicious, mouth watering eatables anytime anywhere. Be it fancy restaurants, street food vendors or home cooked delicious dishes, hunger and desire to eat food is always on the peak for every food buffoon. But how many of us really care to bother about its hygiene or safety? We rarely deal with the make or germs that we easily consume without notice. So being a little alert and careful about food to be eaten makes us healthy and strong.

Food is something which can be very well described or explained by a hunger stricken person, beggar or a healthy person. They actually know the meaning of safe and good food. This World Health Day, we are talking about safe and protected food that would help you to keep safe and healthy. Infants, elderly people, working class or housewives equally need to have good food, here good includes safety along with taste!!

Food is what made us, food is what will make us stand on universal ground. Adulteration in food items is a problem that has alarmingly permeated society at large these days. Thus this World Health Day, lets discuss some legible techniques on how our ordinary food that we consume is impacted before we consume it. Let us also talk on how can we in our own limited way do our best to save its  quality and purity to generate a more  mass awareness  about the subject.

The preservation process and the elimination of dangerous micro organisms for commercially packaged food and the cooking of food itself is a tedious but  effective process. Extreme exposure of  light and oxygen can lead to great nutrient loss. The removal of the fibrous husk or milling in cereals such as wheat and rice can lead to the loss key fibres.

This World Health Day is dedicated towards Food Safety by World Health Organisation. Our health is directly related to what we have as our appetite filler. Hence, food plays a major role in our development, health and well being. Food safety includes not only the right food but also the right to food that is perfectly healthy and unadulterated. According to Reports, unsafe food is linked to deaths of around 2 million people yearly.

World Health Day 2015 is an opportunity to alert people about the importance of food safety, and to ensure that everyone can feel confident that the food on their plate is safe to eat. Eating good food does not mean not eating food from roadside stalls or vendors. When we talk about Food Safety, we mean our platter must contain safe food that is easy to digest, nutritious as well as sumptuous to cause a tickle on our hunger.

Plate it Right

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There are various safety tips that one should follow before and after consuming food.

1. Always check the expiry date on packaged food.

2. Check the ISO as well as the trade mark of the Brand you purchase.

3. Cook properly before eating food

4. Use clean area to cook and washed utensils to ave your food.

5. Use safe water for cooking.

6. Keep food at correct temperature.

7. Use fresh and raw materials while cooking.

8. Avoid excessive peeling of fruits and vegetables.

9. Look at labels for canned, frozen and processed food.

10. Use products that use the least additives or preservatives.

Mostly food gets damaged due to processing. Since, exposure of foods to high levels of heat, light or oxygen cause nutrient loss. Heating or freezing in excess destroy water soluble vitamins. Again, boiling vegetables, fruits, lentils and draining away nutrient rich water reduces nutrition. Therefore, you need to know importance of nutrients of food that helps in your body growth and well being.

On being asked to people on basic importance of food safety and health,  we get to know different views and ideas on importance of food in real life. ” Food Safety should be an integrated part of every human welfare organisations. Food Safety has a direct effect on health and well being inclusive of all age groups”, said Preet Kamra, student of University of Delhi. “Today, fashion is also dealt with a healthy body where health depends on good and safe food”, she further added.

Health is based on what you eat. Thus, your food must include all essential nutrients and substances that provide you with care, immunity and strength. Food must be your best pal that would think about your healthy life. These days, there are various products to enhance your immunity. But why intake artificial items when you have options to stay healthy with fresh and natural ingredients.

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