Protection And Cure Against Dengue – Remedies You Should Know!


Mosquitos – They are small but dangerous, sometimes even life threatening! During the rainy season, when we enjoy ourselves eating a plateful of bhajiyas and a hot cup of tea, sitting outside in the open veranda, we almost forget about these small monsters who can cause us severe diseases such as malaria and dengue. No matter how much you take care of yourself and your kids by sticking the mosquito patches and spray on the clothes to protect from mosquitos, especially when you are not around, it still seems not enough. One bite from these dangerous mosquitos and you can go down with high fever, body ache, muscle and joint pain.

Dengue, also called as the Breakbone Fever, is very common these days. It is a severe disease which also claims several lives each year, not just in our country, but across the world. This is why it is more important than ever, to know how you can protect yourself from Dengue and the various cures available for it. If there is any way you can prevent the infection, it is only through knowledge and the mentioned cures. So, here are a few tips on Protection from dengue and the probable cures. Follow them and you can avoid getting infected.

Protection Against Dengue

Remember, there are no Vaccines available that can prevent Dengue. Thus, the only way you can prevent the disease is by taking the required precautions. Here are tips to help you prevent Dengue.

  1. Stay away from populated areas, where there are more mosquitos.
  2. Pharmacies offer you various mosquito repellents. Use them indoor as well as outdoors. For kids, you can use the mosquito patches and anti-mosquito sprays.
  3. When outdoors, choose to wear full sleeve shirts and t-shirts over long pants. Stay properly covered to avoid bites.
  4. Close all windows and doors to avoid mosquitos from entering your home. Use air-conditioner if needed.
  5. Use mosquito nets for sleeping. This may sound a little off, but they help you stay away from mosquitos best.
  6. In case you are bit and you suffer from fever and body ache, consult your doctor immediately. Faster the diagnoses, easier the treatment against dengue.
  7. Keep the surroundings clean and avoid places with stagnant water, which become the main breeding place for mosquitos.

Cures For Dengue

Dengue, in the recent times has become a very life threatening disease, especially in India where cleanliness and hygiene is a big problem. There is no particular medicine available to treat dengue, apart from basic medicines which give you relief against body ache, muscle pain and fever. However, there are simple cures that are effective against dengue. Some of these cures are mentioned here.

  1. When affected by Dengue, the infection instantly affects the platelet count in our body, making one weak. Drinking Paaya leaf juice has been observed of arresting the platelet destruction in the body. The enzymes fight the infection from spreading further, thus helping you recover faster from the disease.

According to research, a huge number of people have benefited from this remedy.

  1. During this season, keep your immunity strong by eating nutritional and balanced food. Once your immunity is strong, your body can fight against the small infections, protecting you from severe ones such as Dengue.
  2. Eat food rich in Vit C, leafy vegetables, fresh lemon juice and amla. These will keep your body fit and healthy throughout the season, also boosting your body’s immunity.

Follow these basic remedies and you can survive through the infection easily.