Protection for your iPad with stylish accessories from Pelican


apple-ipad-mini-prHave you ever dropped that expensive phone or the tablet on the floor and waited with bated breath till you checked and double checked that your device was working just fine!  We’ve all been through this at one point of the time when the heart stopped beating that nano second thinking we damaged our precious device. 

Pelican brings for you this perfect iPad accessory case that can protect your iPad, iPad1 or iPad2 along with an Apple wireless keyboard. The HardBack Case with a Support Liner sports a high-impact, heat and chemical resistant composite shell that will stand up to some of the harshest conditions known to man.

 This is your perfect accessory to keep your iPad safe and the wireless keypad makes it your unique portable office that you can carry anywhere you travel. Attach the removable shoulder strap to use this as a sling bag and you can unclip the strap to stash it away.  

 The dust-proof, watertight and crushproof lining in this Pelican Case protects your device completely and minimizes the impact in case of a fall. The easy open latch on this case will remain shut under pressure or after an impact ensuring that there is no accidental opening of the case.

 The water tight gasket creates a seal when this case is shut.  This sleek case fits in most bags making it travel friendly and easy to carry.

 Price and availability

 Priced at INR 5325, this stylish iPad accessory case from Pelican products is available on Safetykart.

*Note: This product is apt only for iPads.  

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