Purple Bee: Make Your Kids Smart

Purple Bee

We all love to stay connected with technology. Gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, I pads etc are making our life advanced. On the other hand, it is true that kids are also moving towards these technologies which are not a good option for them. In this situation, most of the parents are worried about their kids. But there is a solution to every problem. Purple Bee, the online portal of activity kits for children has taken the initiative to eliminate the rising problem of kids favoring technology.

Technology is harmful for kidsImage Source: viralportal.net

What is Purple Bee?

It is the online portal for buying activity kits for children from 3-7 years of age containing activities based on a particular theme. The activity kits will help children to develop primary skills. It will help kids to engage them in activities that aid in brain development. Purple Bee’s basic motive is to make kid’s mind shaper and lives of parents easier.

Various Themes

Purple Bee understands the different interests of different kids. Therefore, it is available with so many themes like vibrant summer fun, sound of music, playing with colours etc. The digits of themes will soon rise… So, get ready to select more!!

Activity Kits     

Comes with various themes, each activity kit box is available with 3 activities. The box contains all the instructions and materials required to do the activities. Kids!! Are you ready to have some fun?

Why Purple Bee? 

In this digital age, kids are fond of television & other electronic gadgets. Parents are finding it difficult to keep them away from it & to spend quality time with children. Purple Bee will help to solve both the issues. It provides a fun alternative and help kids not to become couch potatoes. Since everything required to do the activities is included in the box, parents need not to worry about it.

It’s a story of every family where kids can do anything to do things of their own choice. Now, as the growing companies like Purple Bee for kids are making a mark, it becomes easy for parents to keep their small kids busy with these creative activity kits. It not only can sharpen their mind but also makes them more active.

Here’s the video of the Purple Bee where it beautifully describes about the activity kits, themes and how it is good for kids.

So, finally the solution to make life of parents easier is with us. It’s a treat for the small kids given by their parents.

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