ResQMe Car Rescue Tool – Be Safe On The Drive!


Imagine, how many people around the world die because of the failure in getting out of their cars at the time of emergencies?  Many cars accidentally dive into the rivers, ponds or into the floods due to loss of control over the car. It’s sad but true as people fail to get out of their vehicles. Either their seat belt stucks or they cannot break the window glass to escape. Many drivers do not even think about keeping an emergency tool inside their cars.

ResQMe is unique portable safety product that gets attached to your keys. This is a two-in-one device that acts as a glass breaker and a seat belt cutter as well. ResQMe is an amazing life saving emergency tool that helps you quickly cut through the blocked seat belt, break that window glass and come out scot free. This tool also works perfectly even under water to come out of flooded car.

Talking about the hammer section of the device, ResQMe has a metal spike which, when pressed against a side window, releases the spring and as a result the metal tip hits the window glass. Make sure you provide approximately 12lbs of force in order to release the metal spike. After being hit, the spike retracts back. Since the device has a detachable clip, therefore, you need not to take off your car keys to use this product.

In Europe, people brought about a popular movement in order to ensure & take the automotive safety to the next level. Let us bring this movement in India as well & ensure that everyone carries a portable extrication tool in the vehicle in order to avoid being trapped at any unfortunate times.

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