A Pocket Sized Lifesaver- Car Emergency Tool


Love driving your car? Whether it is a hatchback, SUV, station wagon or sports coupé, it helps you de-stress in so many ways – a comfortable ride, an ideal getaway accomplice, an alpha state inducer while on cruise mode…
But your favourite ‘bile may as well turn into a crypt. Getting trapped in a car while it is on fire, buried under wreckage or worse yet, being submerged, is probably something straight out of your worst nightmares. Latched onto your seat, with water rising to your throat and no means to escape; that is a situation we all pray never to be in. There is no telling when disaster strikes – we want you to be prepared. The solution – a compact, nifty but powerful device that you can carry on your key chain!

Meet the ResqMe Car Emergency Tool

Would you believe us if we told you that the only insurance you need against car entrapment is a seventeen gram mechanical device the size of your thumb? Don’t be fooled by its size. This mean machine is the only thing you need while in such a situation. Based on the design of the emergency hammer introduced in the United States for the same purpose, the ResqMe car emergency tool not only helps you rip off your seatbelt, it even helps you break open your car window!

Slice through the toughest of seat belts

The ResqMe tool has a clip at one end which can be taken off to reveal a super strong stainless steel blade. It is extremely durable and can be used to perform cuts multiple times, so you can be assured of longevity of use. All you need to do is hang the tool on your keychain. If your seat belt refuses to jerk free in the event of a mishap, all you do is reach for the car keys, expose the blade and you are free within seconds, at a time when every moment can swing the balance towards life or death.

Break through to freedom

Freeing yourself from your seat may not be the end of your woes. You may face this situation especially if your car drowns in a water body. The pressure of the water against the window makes it almost impossible to break open the window. The ResqMe tool has another feature to address this very issue. On the other end, it has a powerful spring loaded steel pin that delivers a concentrated blow to the glass surface when activated. Just put this end flat against the glass, apply pressure and the mechanism makes the tip shoot out at high speed, fracturing the glass and breaking it to bits.
The pin retracts by itself and locks into position again, so it can be reused. And no, it won’t trigger by accident in your pocket, because it needs at least twelve pounds of pressure to be released.
International quality, guarantee of safety.
Awarded with the CE Mark and the German TUV for compliance to international safety standards, the ResqMe Car Emergency Tool is durable, reliable & worth using for the safety of your entire family. You can order more than one, who knows when you may need help from another member or they may need to safeguard themselves. Always keep a Resqme tool handy. Focus on the ride & leave your worries aside!
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