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Tiny tots deserve all possible love, care and protection. And no one understands this better than brand Mothercare. This brand brings to the table the best collection of baby care products including daily essentials like toiletries and nail clippers. Let’s have a look at some of the best products this brand has to offer.

Mothercare All We Know Baby Shampoo

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A baby’s skin is very soft and sensitive. Just like only a mother knows how to take care of her baby, only Mothercare knows what the best product is for the babies. Babies shouldn’t be treated with ordinary shampoos as they contain certain chemical compounds that are not good for them. Mothercare all we know baby shampoo is specially developed for the babies and doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. The shampoo comes in a bottle of 300 ml which lasts nearly a month.

Mothercare All We Know Baby Lotion

baby lotion

Who doesn’t love the soft and subtle skin of a new born? Thus, it is important to protect your baby’s skin from various harsh agents like intense sunlight, insects, or chemicals. To prevent the skin from getting damaged and make it softer, Mothercare all we know baby lotion is the best. This fragrant lotion will not only prevent your baby’s skin from various harsh elements, but will also give him a fresh feeling all day long. Your baby would definitely love it. It comes in a stylish 300 ml bottle.

Mothercare Toddler Bubble Bath

toddler bubble bath

Kids love bubbles. And a bubble bath tops the list of their favourite pass time. No kid can deny it. Mothercare toddler bubble bath is the perfect choice for setting up a bubble bath for your kid. Simply mix a few drops of this pH balanced lotion into a bath tub, and soon the tub will be brimming with bubbles of various sizes. It will be a whole new experience of bubble bath for you and your toddler.

Mothercare Nail Clippers

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No ordinary tool would do when it comes to taking care of your baby. Using one could pose potential threat. And this is especially true in case of nail clippers. That’s why you need Mothercare nail clippers that are specially designed to clip the baby nails gently. Unlike other nail clippers, the Mothercare nail clippers have a plastic grip at the end which comes in handy when you are clipping your child’s finger nails. The edge of the clipper is carved so that it does not harm the baby. This is a must have tool for those who are afraid of clipping their child’s finger nails because they don’t want to end up hurting the child.

Mothercare All We Know Baby Talc

baby talc

The baby skin is so sensitive that using normal talcum powders on it may lead to some kind of allergy and skin irritation. Mothercare all we know baby talc has been formulated to suit the baby skin. It keeps your child’s skin cool and prevents it from any kind of itch or rash. The talc has a nice fragrance that fills up the air and is available in a convenient to carry 150 g bottle.

Mothercare Blokit Safety Gate

safety gate

The babies have a tendency of wandering and it is almost impossible to make them sit at one place. There’s nothing more wonderful than watching toddlers move around the place but it can be dangerous if you can’t keep an eye on your child. He/she might reach some dangerous objects or fall off. The Mothercare blokit safety gate prevents your baby from getting out of a certain area by blocking the way. You can place it anywhere inside your house so that your baby is always within your sight.

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