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Today, we spend a lot of money in buying high end gadgets and electronic products. It is equally important to protect them against impact and wear and tear.

Here are a few products from Pelican that help secure your costly gadgets.

Pelican Progear Case For iPhone i1015

Pelican case

The Pelican progear case for iPhone i1015 can fit mobile phones up to a size of four inches and is also apt for the iPod touch. The built in cable manager and external jack allows safe holding of the earphones and cables and also enables complete use of the microphone and volume settings. The case made of stainless steel hardware is water resistant, easy to open latch, crush and dust proof and comes with guaranteed excellence in clear or solid colors. The active sport carabineer of the case enables securing it to the backpack or loop of the belt ensuring safety.

Pelican Storm Camera Case iM2750

Pelican cover

Be it professional photographers or photography enthusiasts, cameras are nothing less of sacred to them; and rightfully so, as behind every well captured picture there’s an equipment that needs to be maintained with pristine care. The Pelican Storm Camera Case iM2750 is water tight, highly resistant due to the injection molded HPX high performance resin and indestructible but weighs really less. Especially at times of travel this comes in handy to prevent damage to equipment during transport at even extreme weather conditions and the lighter weight makes it easy to carry. So put your camera in these and have a stress free travel while the case protects your equipments safely.

Pelican 1095 Hardback Laptop Computer Case with Foam

gadget safety

The Pelican 1095 Hardback Laptop computer case is designed to protect 15 inch laptops while transit. The case has a water tight casket and while shut there is a tight seal which blocks water entrance and the easy to open latch remains shut even during and under heavy pressure ensuring complete safety for your laptop. The case is dust proof and is made of inner foam that prevents scratches on the insides.

Pelican ProGear S145 Sport Tablet Backpack

Protect your gadgets

The Pelican Progear S1454 Sport Tablet Backpack with its ergonomic fast access top load design and ventilated deep channel back protects your travel gear against harsh weather or any other damage. It is easy to carry and perfect for your trip with an impact protective iPad/Tablet Sleeve and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Pelican 1609 Photo Lid Organizer

Pelican photo lid organiser

The Pelican 1609 Photo Lid Organizer is designed to protect your photo lens lids against damage or getting lost in the shoot area. This product is designed to work compatibly with Pelican cases 1600, 1610 or 1620 and is included with mounting screws that can be easily fitted and removed. The ballistic nylon make with zippers and individual mesh pockets of varying sizes help keep your gear organized and safe.

Pelican 1900 Mitylite LED Flashlight

Pelican LED Flaslight

Flashlights are an absolute necessity if you’re planning for an exciting camping, trekking or hiking trips. Even at home, a strong and sturdy portable light source could come in handy at any time. The Pelican 1900 Mitylite LED flashlight is an answer to that. This product is every compact and has a extremely powerful beam that helps see through dust, smoke, smog and fog and is ideal for night outs reducing the chance of getting lost in the wilderness.

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