Road Accidents – How Can You Prevent Them?


One glance at the news, and you will see at least 1 road accident mentioned that leaves back several injured and unfortunately some dead. Whether it is speeding, wrong judgement or breaking traffic rules, you can never rightly blame any one factor for your accident. Accidents happen, without giving you the slightest hint. For instance,  you may simply be driving safely on a straight lane, while a speeding car happens to bump into you, throwing you off your track. It may or may not be your fault in most cases, but you can’t really avoid an accident, unless you are prepared with it. Thus, the only way to avoid accidents or try to prevent them is by following a certain known steps to avoid an accident.

  1. Drive within speed limit

Majority accidents happen when you exceed your speed limit. High speed is always thrilling, but it is also one of the prime reasons for accidents, sometimes fatal. You lose control over your car especially when you have to apply the brakes suddenly and unfortunately meet with a mishap. When you overspeed, you risk not just your life, but also that of other drivers and pedestrians who may never have the time to react to the situation.

  1. Drive based on road conditions

Weather conditions are a major factor causing accidents. Bad weather means slow driving, but a good weather doesn’t really mean you have the license to over speed. Drive within your speed limits as it will allow you to bring your vehicle to a stop when needed.

  1. Maintain and service your vehicle regularly

Maintaining the good condition of your vehicle is very important. Regular servicing allows you to keep the engine oils and brake oils in check. Also make sure that the tires are in good condition, if not, you always have the choice to replace them. After all, you would never want to end up in an accident, only because the tires were worn out or because the brakes failed.

  1. Wear your seatbelt

Preventing an accident is a bit difficult, but you always have the choice of avoiding an injury by wearing your seatbelt. A large number of people, involved in an accident, get saved magically because they wear their seatbelt. The ones who fail wearing them, lose their lives in the accident.

  1. Don’t tailgate

When you are driving, always keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the others around you. There can be instances when the car driver ahead of you may have to apply the brakes due to an animal on the road or due to any other reason. If you tail drive, you may meet with an accident and get yourself injured.

  1. Focus on driving alone

Driving requires a lot of focus. You have to focus on the road, the vehicles around you and also keep a constant check at the vehicle’s vitals. After all, you would never want to be given a ticket for over speeding or meet with an accident, just because your mind was wandering somewhere else while your body was driving the vehicle.

  1. Never drink and Drive

Drinking is fun… but drinking and then driving a vehicle is not a very good idea. After you drink, your body loses its ability to make the right judgements especially when it is concerned with distance between the vehicles. As a result, you may unfortunately meet with an accident and also risk the life of other people on the road.

  1. Always avoid roads under construction

Whether you are driving at a slow speed, it is a must that you choose your regular routine road. Avoid taking shortcuts which you are not familiar with, especially when it has certain construction work going on. There can be debris all across the road which may affect you vehicle and increase the chance of an accident.