Rush With Safety


‘Prevention is better than cure’– said by many but followed by a few. But what does it actually mean is the question? For reaching our concern destinations in haste we often gallop out from our houses and workplaces. Ironically, people even think of packing a jetpack or be on a jet to match their destination in a flash, but it is not possible on the surface of the earth though! People have to follow the traffic rules to move ahead safely, without meeting any kind of accident.

It’s a must for two wheeler riders to follow road safety rules in order to escape from any kind of mishap to happen- whether  a major, or a minor. Therefore the helmets should be mandatory for people who are on to their mopeds.

Helmet is a protective round shaped gear, which is worn to protect the head from any kind of injuries. Those who travel through a two wheeler might find it adventurous, but daily adventure can be sometimes life-risky. It can even take a life, without even asking one. Helmet diminishes the chances to collide and approaching the death bed for the rider.

Life is not about rush, but its more about living, and to live and lead a safe life one must follow road safety rules. Rules are meant for everyone who travels and it is more prioritized for those who travel through long distances by cycling, biking or by any two wheeler vehicle. The two wheeler vehicles are open from all the side and have just a seat to sit and ride along. Escalating the profound protection from the deadly natural occurrences, one should abide wearing the most important protective shield for head which is a Helmet. It not just protects your life, but also save the brain injuries, due to which a human can even get a brain hemorrhage or coma.


 A person should always protect themselves from accidents by:

Using a helmet which reduces the chances of fatalities and we suggest user to use a jaw covered helmet.

Helmet protects the eyes of the rider and the plastic shield is the best which let the eyes protected from dust, wind, dirt, insects, rain etc.

A rider should wear a bright coloured helmet, or should have a reflective band over the helmet.

Must maintain some distance from other vehicles and never stop behind or infront of any vehicle.

Look out for road hazards like garbage piles, pot-holes, railway crossings, speed breakers, dirt roads, oil-spills, stray animals.

Remember, there is no one to protect you, unless you don’t want to save yourselves from any danger. So take precaution and wear all the protective gears, you need to reach the destination in fine way. Being careless can sound like a mainstream protagonist but being alert will be visible wiser.

Image Courtesy: Google Images