Safer Internet Day: Always Stay Safe Online

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day is celebrated worldwide on 9th February to raise awareness about internet safety. With more and more teens are now-a-days taking interests in surfing internet, therefore, it is necessary to look after the safety. Safer Internet Day was initiated by European Commission and is now observed globally. This event is observed in India by Developing Internet Safety for Communities (DISC) Foundation. This year, the theme for Safer Internet Day is ‘Play your part for a better internet.’ SafetyKart has taken an initiative to aware people about the Safer Internet Day. 

This day is very special among the children and young blasters of the society so that they should know the safe, responsible and positive uses of the technology. Globally, it is celebrated in over hundred countries. The day gives us the opportunity to highlight the positive uses of technology. How to create a better internet is the primary motive of this day. On this day, parents, teachers, social workers, policy makers etc. take part in creating a better internet.

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Below are the tips on how to make every day a Safer Internet Day…

Sharing Personal Information Is Not A Smart Decision

beware of share

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Never share the personal information on social media, messengers or chats. You never know who else is seeing your personal data. Also, don’t accept requests of people you don’t know. Try to avoid giving your personal details, personal photographs, address and other private information unless you know the person.

Take Help Of Parents Or Someone When In Doubt      

 Let your children know that if they are facing any problems in surfing the net, then they should speak to you or any other knowledgeable person you know. This can clear their doubt and would be a great help for them.

Play Smart With Links  

We all have observed the unknown emails and messages coming from some third person with attachments and links. Clicking on the link can be dangerous. Also, be careful while watching trailers of films or downloading games.


Always use secure passwords. It should not be common as one can recognize easily. Change your password on a frequent basis and stay away from cybercriminals.

Lottery Emails: Next Step Of Email Fraud

If someone tries to convince you that you have won a lottery, then mind it, this one can put you in trouble if you will give your details. A good antivirus is able to detect these threats. So, avoid these fraudulent emails.

Internet Safety is one such thing that you should always look after. Don’t miss the single chance where you can get internet safety, cybercrime and hacking knowledge etc. Always use internet with full safety and if you are in doubt for anything, it’s better to leave out that thing.            

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