Safety at home and work place

Fire Extinguisher

Ceasefire Red 300 x 300 pxOne of the prime tasks that each of us face is to protect our living spaces and of course our life. Installing a smoke detector has saved thousands of lives because of the warning alarms it gave to avoid a potential disaster.

Most of the deaths caused by a fire have been because of the fumes of the smoke that went undetected. In most cases it is the smoke from the fire that has caused the suffocation, causing the death. Installing a smoke alarm or a smoke detector can warn the residents of a potential fire.

Most of the some alarms available in the market consist of two basic parts: a censor that catches the initial fumes of a fire and an alarm that rings to alert the people of a possible danger.

This smoke detector from the extensive range of Ceasefire products helps to protect your living and work space from the risk of fire. Easy to use and install, the Ceasefire smoke detector is provided with a smoke alarm and with escape lights that illuminate the path to ensure a safety exit in case of a power failure.

We recommend this as one of the must-have safety products in your home and/your workplace. Installing a smoke detector outside every room and on every level of the house will keep you safe from potential dangers that can be caused by a fire.

Price and availability

Priced at INR 7065, smoke detector should be a must have safety device in your home or your work areas. You can buy this from SafetyKart

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