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There are several sports around the world that requires complete protection gears to be worn by players. Every now and then we see newspapers flooded with road accidents where people die due to lack of safety precautions. Whether you are a dirt bike rider or a regular biker, safety gears should always be your top priority as accident knows no discrimination. If you are heading towards unknown destinations, rocky roads or unfamiliar about what’s out there, it’s always recommended to put-on your safety gears. Safety precautions not only save you from any unfortunate occurrences but also make you confident enough to reach out for your target.

Following are the safety gears that all bikers should consider as a true biker should always think about safety first.

Helmets:  Well, it’s a common cliché that people keep on asking to wear helmets. Believe it,  there is no such calendar in this world saying that you will be injured coming Thursday. So always be prepared with your safety caps on. A good fitted & high quality helmet is extremely important for maximum comfort & safety. It should fit exactly 1-2 fingers above your eyebrows.

Glasses: Eyes are one of the most vital and the most endangered organs of our body & we must not ignore protecting them while biking. Road debris are potentially unsafe for human eyes and not wearing glasses can lead to serious eye problems. However, there are lots of stylish & lightweight sport glasses available online.

Body Protectors: Talking about safety while riding and ignoring body protectors is unethical. These are foam filled vests especially designed to protect the upper body part. This is a must for dirt bike riders.

Gloves: Common but really effective to protect against hand injuries. There are lots of good quality gloves especially for bikers like Probikers, Alpinism, Knighthood & others.

Why wait to learn from mistakes. Be proactive about your safety. Whether you are a regular biker or a dirt bike rider, wear protective gears. Ride SAFE!!

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